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In these days it can be a really difficult decision to save some money when there are other priorities there and probably if you have had to cut your budget because of economic struggles. However, if you can do it saving money is a good strategy to think about your future.

I recommend having a budget of the things you need to spend once you have the money from your job in your Bank Account. That is the only way you know exactly how you spend your money and it will help you to classify the expenditures between mandatory, important and not very important or even things that are a waste of your money.

If you plan how you are going to spend your money you will be more efficient. Try to set a logical goal that can be reached and that you can afford to follow in the future. For example, what if you save a 10% of your earnings every month?

Be strict following the rules. The money you save cannot be touched until a certain time (maybe a year). It is absolutely forbidden! You can put it in your bank account or if you know someone you can lend it to him/her and get some interests that would be a good idea as soon as you can trust in the person.

This is very simple but the thing is that I see many people around me that actually do not follow this rule and that is the reason why they have to take a debt in order to buy things. If you save in advance it is possible to pay for things you need to invest using cash or if you need to borrow some money that the amount would not be that big.



2 thoughts on “Save some money”

  1. my online jobs is my pennies to my piggy bank. LOL. so eventually the pennies turn to dollar and dollar to dollars.

  2. Here in my country the problem for many is how they save? Prices of basic commodities are continuously rising as well as the electricity, water and gasoline. In addition the school expenses and tuition fees increased.
    But just like what you said, it is a must and hoping we gave them an inspiration and encouragement through our site because we can still save even the budget is tight. All starts from small amount.


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