Save Money on Mutual Funds

When you are buying mutual funds there are two ways in front of you – Direct purchase and Agent Purchase. Direct purchases can be made with the respective broker accounts, be it online or offline. Here you are in control of the documentation and the fees. You only pay the fees based on the broker service which is often included into the online accounts.

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In case of the agent purchase, he takes the decision of choosing the right funds for you. He’ll also do the documentation and takes care of the time-consuming part for you. So agent based fund purchase is often preferred by the people who are busy with their lives and have no time to select the funds or do the research for it.

If you want to save money on mutual funds, go for the online broker accounts and select the mutual funds service from them. You’ll save a lot of time and money on documentation, research and fees.

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  1. It is really more convenient to transact with a broker. The only catch here is one should find a reputable one as we are talking about your hard-earned money.


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