Sales Tips Today = Four B’s And A GO!

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I have given the INFOGRAPHICS a try! So, please see attached!

My TIPS are pretty simple for the sales person in each of you.

They say outbound cold calling is hard, I say it is challenging.


BUILD on your confidence when talking to your customers.

BUILD may also mean building on your connection, and your pipelines.

BELIEVE in your product, not your competitors.

BELIEVE also brings us back to the point of believing in yourself.

BULLET means your presentation should be short and simple.

BULLET means how quick does a bullet travels from gun point to how quick you think of resolutions for your customers needs.

BE IT! AND A GO!!! Meaning – Every sales person is different, with their own style, own character.

I only give you the tips, and the B’s but it is up to you to follow it, and trust it to BE IT!

All the best!!!

By: ManyShadesOfGrey

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2 thoughts on “Sales Tips Today = Four B’s And A GO!”

  1. I was never and will never be a good seller especially high end things but i will be trying online selling soon at least i don’t have to look at the person face to face unless i know that person well.


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