safe foods a diabetic can eat

I have been diagnosed as a diabetic. Ever since that and with medication, I am trying to adjust to my new diet routine. A newly diagnosed person will have to deal with denial, body reaction to medication and no sugar diet. Any compromise with sugar and it could lead to complications. I did a search online and found that there are several websites by professional who offer great advice on food habits relating to blood sugar. I am writing down the name of some foods which are okay with blood sugar. It means that you can eat them without any tension.

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garlic and onions



green leafy vegetables


nuts – avoid too much of cashew though



cheese and butter – according to them, the fat helps with low sugar absorption


It is never too late to try bring down your glucose levels. It is also advisable to give small kids low amount of sugar foods as this will make their body healthy and immune to diseases.


Carbohydrate intake should be watched.

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3 thoughts on “safe foods a diabetic can eat”

  1. My dad had to make lots of changes especially in the way he ate and the food choices he made. I suppose eating healthy is for everyone, not just people with diabetes.

  2. Both my parents has diabetes and fortunately they are able to control their glucose level. My dad’s family really doesn’t have that condition. However, he acquired it because of what he eats.


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