Risk vs. Success — Should I Step Outside My Comfort Zone?

Taking the risk is the only way to success.

Building a business entails risk. Thinking about risk, sometimes, I thought of staying on the safe side… and yes, I did that.

I have stayed on the safe side for 5 years… until I realized that nothing will happen if I am not going to step outside my comfort zone.

I have no problem being employed, I am one lucky person to have a generous employer who understands my situation.

However, giving my family a brighter future is another story. If I don’t take the risk now — we will continue to live a life of financial scarcity.

Employment is good, but I should not stay on it my lifetime. Lately, I have realized that taking outside my comfort zone is necessary for me to open up doors for opportunities that could change our life for the better…

Success outweighs the risk…

I have so many “how ifs”… How if it fails? How if my ideas will not work? But, if I am going to let fear stops me from doing the things I love and getting on a greener pasture — nothing will happen… and it entails even more risk…

What risk?

The risk of no financial security…

For us ordinary Juan — financial security might be out of subject — but we should start looking into it now and give financial security great importance!

What is Financial Security?

It is the peace of mind that we feel knowing that our income can cover our expenses. Our income is enough to cover our expenses. It also means that we have enough savings for emergencies, like hospitalizations. (Source: Quicken)

Aside from that, financial security means we have enough savings to cover our financial goals in the future. For example, 2 years from now, we want to start a small business at home — right now we are sure that we can fund that business…

So, then, in my current status right now as a private employee — I cannot say that I am financially secure… That’s a greater risk to be dealt with.

How if I get sick? It’s stressful to think about that. However, that’s a question I should consider in the first place!

If that happens now, I have no other way but to borrow money… and quick cash loan often charges high interest and would easily bury me to debt if I cannot pay that on time! That would be more “stress” and sleepless nights!

And I CANNOT imagine myself borrowing money all the time when an emergency happens! I don’t want to die due to stress and anxiety — because financial problems and loans are synonymous!

While I am young, strong and capable — I should take that risk!

While I am still young and capable — starting a business really is a wonderful idea.

And what’s awesome — the internet has given me an affordable option to start a business without investing big amount of capital (and I don’t have a big capital in the first place).

With a small investment, I can then start an online business. And I don’t have to leave home to start that business.

These are the clear advantages of starting an online business:

  • no space to rent and I can do that 100% home-based
  • I don’t have to hire employees while the business is still new
  • small capital
  • since the capital is small, the risk is small as well
  • I can reach a wider audience through search engines and social media
  • my business is open 24/7
  • I don’t need to leave home
  • no traffic, no fuel or fare expenses
  • I don’t need to store products like traditional trading businesses
  • I can make money without a product at all
  • I don’t need to sell and I don’t need to convince people to buy stuff
  • I can start a business by just helping people through sharing my ideas and experience in life (let’s talk more about this here)…

There are several types of online businesses to choose from — and I have chosen the one that I have experienced with already — the one with very minimal investment to get started — blogging.

Don’t know blogging? Not seeing yourself to become a blogger soon? Well, there are more than 20 online business ideas you can try to venture out this year!

A few of them include:

  1. Blogging (that’s my number one choice and recommendation)
  2. Become an affiliate marketer
  3. Sell graphic designs
  4. Build your own apps
  5. Become a social media expert

There’s more on this site: makeawebsitehub.com

Recently, I have also written a blog post that talks about 63 awesome ways to make money online! Make sure to check this out so you know the different routes to money making in the internet.

My Ultimate Goal is Passive Income

I am up for the risk because my ultimate goal is far greater than the fear of failure…

My ultimate goal is passive income… although I choose not to disclose my current monthly earnings right now from blogging — I am happy to say that “passive income” is on its way…

It is risky because building a blog that makes money is not FREE. Although the capital is small compared to building a traditional business… it is still a hard earned money…

Even if I see real money coming… the risk is still there, it will never go away… the fear of failure is still there — and I think it will never go away…

As long as my business continues to operate… the risk is there… the what “ifs” still linger in my head, but I am trying to fight it — and always look at the bright side of taking the risk — the bright future of my family…

If I let fear wins this time, just like what happened 5 years ago — the next 5 years might be even “harder” for us…

So, I have no choice… I have to take this route… or stay on my comfort zone with nothing in return…

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