RevenueHits – Legit or Scam: Case Study 2016

Update: 11/10/16 It is sad to say but I decided to stop using RevenueHits here on Self-Help. I could not say if it is scam or legit since I haven’t reach a threshold for payment yet. When I was writing this post, I was so eager to complete this case study, however, as I see the earning potential — it is obvious that spending much time for RevenueHits will not worth it. However, I do not discourage you not to try using RevenueHits, prove it to yourself. You are always free to test this program, the result maybe different on your sites.


This is a RevenueHits Review and Case Study to determine whether RevenueHits is a good Adsense Alternative for Bloggers who have low traffic.

Revenuehits review and case study 2016

I got banned from Adsense last 2014, and it was a sad story and since then I always dream to get an Adsense account approved again, but I guess it is impossible to happen by now (for this blog). The main reason why I do this case study because I want to prove to myself whether reviews out there are indeed real.

I read several types of reviews about RevenueHits with several blogs out there:

  • RevenueHits is one of the Adsense alternatives
  • RevenueHits is scam and your account will get banned after you earned an xx amount with no reason
  • RevenueHits is legit but it is not worth trying (because of a very low earning despite good amount of traffic)
  • RevenueHits may contain harmful content that might send red flag to Google and you know what will happen next

There are good reviews out there, but I believe somehow these reviews are driven by the intention to get referrals. So, reviews aimed for marketing purposes might not tell us the whole truth about RevenueHits.

Sometimes, its unbelievable to read reviews telling us to earn $1000 in RevenueHits. I am not saying that it’s impossible, however, for new bloggers and for those who have low traffic sites, these types of review might not help at all.

So, instead of thinking and wishing to get rich with RevenueHits, let’s find out if this CPM Ad Network could be applicable for bloggers who have low traffic – like you and me.

Day 1 (8/28/2016): Adding new Placements

I have an account ready for RevenueHits back in 2014. I earned around $2 before I decided to remove it here on Self-Help. The main reason why I did that is that I was afraid that after getting an XX amount, my account will get banned just like what I’ve read on reviews.

So, I am not going to tell you the process on how to sign up and add placements with RevenueHits (they call these ads as placements). Anyway, the process is pretty basic and anyone can do that without any problem.

Placement types that I am going to try

  • Popunder
  • Banner
  • Shadow Box

Pops and Shadow box are recommended to boost revenues, so I am going to give these types a try. Also, I am using the traditional format – which is the banner. It is the usual ad banner on the sidebar.

For now, I will keep pages and posts contents clean. That means I am not going to put ads in between contents.

I know pops could be annoying, but for the sake of this case study, I am going to try that. For the Shadow Box, the close button is enabled by default, so users has the option to close it.

Ad Quality might scare you

Adsense without doubt is the best ad networks in terms of revenues and ad quality. So let’s expect some low quality ads, but I am hopeful that this will improve a bit.

Right now, I am seeing “download now” type of ads. I don’t care for now, I will give it a week.

Open Communication

I believe that open communication is vital. So, from now, whenever I have doubts or problem, I am going to contact RevenueHits support right then. I have read that RevenueHits has a good support, so I will prove that also.

How long RevenueHits Case Study lasts?

To be honest with you, I don’t know for now, I might try this 2 to 3 months, or longer than that if necessary to create a comprehensive reports for everyone to benefit.

RevenueHits case study end goals
Image source: Pixabay

RevenueHits Review and Case Study 2016 End Goals

At end of this case study, I am hopeful to prove some of the following claims:

  • RevenueHits is indeed a good Adsense Alternatives
  • Does RevenueHits banned account when a publisher reaches XX amount of revenue and what is the reason for doing so
  • Does RevenueHits actually pay, but it is to little to continue using it
  • Does RevenueHits content harm contents that might affect your site’s reputation with major search engines like Google
  • Is RevenueHits an Ad Network for bloggers or sites with low traffic
  • Is RevenueHits good only for selected countries like the US, UK and Canada

Lastly, I might leave you wondering how much traffic I am getting right now, and how much effort and marketing I am going to take throughout this case study.

Currently, I am receiving more than 20k impressions a month without doing anything. That’s it, there’s no posting schedules and the likes. No sharing, etc.

I am planning to do some changes, and I am going to write that in details in my next updates about this case study, not that much though I am really thinking of editing / updating some of my traffic generating contents here. Probably, am going to write new ones too.

Hey, do you want to try RevenueHits today? Sign up here.


Disclosure: I use a referral link with all links pointing to RevenueHits in this post.

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