Revealed: The Health Problems Associated With Sitting Too Much

Everyone sits, but do you know how bad this can be for our health? In this article, I’ll talk you through all the bad health problems associated with excessive sitting:

sitting whole day in front of the computer

Bad Posture

Too much sitting will have a negative effect on your posture. So much so that it can cause you a lot of pain in your daily life. There are three main postural problems that occur thanks to excessive sitting.

The first of which is called an anterior pelvic tilt, and it’s when your lower back arches, your bottom sticks out, and your stomach is pushed forwards. This happens because sitting down causes your hips and hip flexor muscles to tighten, which makes them pull down on your lumbar spine and create that arch.

The second is known as forward head posture and occurs due to poking your head forwards too much or looking down at your computer screen. The muscles in the back of your neck become weak and you walk around with your head jutting out.

The third is called rounded shoulder posture, and it’s the result of your upper back become weak and rounded, causing your shoulders to slump forwards. Your chest muscles are too tight, largely becomes you’re typing at a computer all day.

All of these posture issues will cause you pain every day. The first causes a lot of pain for people in their lower back, while the second and third generate neck and upper back pain. You can cure your pain by sitting less, stretching regularly, sleeping on a better mattress, and being more active.

Poor Breathing

Believe it or not but sitting down for too long can actually lead to problems with your breathing. This relates to the third postural problem I mentioned above.

When your upper back and shoulders are rounded, you end up looking like a hunchback. Being in this position really restricts your lungs and makes it hard for them to open to their full capacity. Whereas, when you’re sat up properly, and your shoulders are back with your chest nice and open, it’s much easier to breathe.

The solution to this is really to try and open up your chest as much as you can throughout the day. Do plenty of stretches and work on expanding your rib cage and creating space for your lungs to function properly.

Joint Problems

Too much sitting can also cause joint problems in many people. Specifically, problems with your knee joints. When you sit, you’re bent at the knees for a very long time. This can cause a lot of discomfort and also make your knees feel stiff.

If you sit for too long, you will develop joint problems in your knees or be more susceptible to hurting them when you run or be active.  

Try and get up and walk around to increase circulation and stop stiff knees!

If you need to take anything away from this piece, it’s that you should sit less. Lie down on your bed if you want to relax, don’t sit in a chair! Get up while you’re working and make sure you try and remain as active as possible to avoid all these issues.


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