Retrieve and Display Pageviews on Each Post of Your Site from Google Analytics

It’s time to share. You really don’t have to hire someone to place page views on each post you published on your WordPress blog. There’s a fix. No, I am not a plugin author, but I have tested lots of plugins. See, I am dependent on plugins when I do not have time to tweak the PHP side of things on the WordPress back end.

Google Analytics Post Pageviews is a WordPress plugin that is specifically designed to retrieve page views from your Google Analytics account and display it on the pages of your blog. It’s a newly created plugin with over 4000 downloads, but trust me it works!

Pageviews counter

As an example, you can see the visitor counter on this site. Just below the title, you will see a certain number of views. The plugin retrieves data from Google Analytics. Do you like it? If yes, you can proceed.

page views

What are the steps to do in order to install Google Analytics Post Pageviews?

  • Firstly, you need to have a Google Analytics account and add your blog in it.
  • Next, Install Google Analytics Post Pageviews
  • Copy the short code and place it in the location you desire, e.g. after post title or at the bottom of the post body
  • Now, your visitors can see posts statistics on your site

Is this plugin compatible with the latest version of WordPress? Yes. This site is running on the current version (4.1) of WordPress and the plugin works perfectly.

Should you have questions regarding the implementation of the plugin, you can message the plugin author, or you can drop a comment below. I am ready to assist. Remember, when you try to build a WordPress site of your own, some parts are tricky, but trust me you would learn lots of things that would help you become a better WordPress admin and blogger.

See ya.

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

6 thoughts on “Retrieve and Display Pageviews on Each Post of Your Site from Google Analytics”

  1. Page view counters are great addition to the site. It helps entice people to see which pages are well visited. Plus, it is an ego booster for the author. Isn’t it great that the common person can do these things even without so much technical knowledge?

    • You are right Bro! It’s awesome to know that bloggers without knowledge about PHP still can add page view counters and other widgets on their WordPress sites, it’s a piece of cake with the use of plugins, and there’s plenty of them in WordPress repository. Yeah, it motivates authors, plus, readers would know that the article they are reading has lots of readers. Have a great day Bro!

        • HI Mavic, this is easy to learn especially now that plug ins are easy to install on a page. Simple tweaks in a webpage can provide great advantages.

    • That’s cool. Right now, the more useful plugins one puts in a site can help. Any info about them will be beneficial.


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