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Many Americans drink coffee every day, many times a day. There are thousands of coffee houses all over the United States and all over the world for that matter. You might say that not drinking coffee is un-American, as so many Americans drink coffee. But, do you know, what is in that coffee?

Many Americans do not think about what is in that cup of coffee. There is caffeine in that coffee. Caffeine is one of the reasons many people drink coffee. People use coffee to give them a pick me up throughout the day. Most people do not realize the bad effects that caffeine has on the body. Caffeine can cause you to have the shacks and can cause you to have sleep problems. You should not drink coffee at least tree hours before you try to go to sleep.



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There are thousand of different types and brands of soda on the market today. There are diet sodas, caffeinated sodas; decaffeinated sodas and fruit-flavored sodas, just to name a few. Did you know, that just one soda has 41 grams of sugar in it? Even diet soda still has a large amount of sugar.

Soda is one of the worst things one can drink. Many people do not realize, but they could lose about twenty pounds just by stopping their consumption of soda. The carbonation in soda can cause you to have belly bloat. There is also a lot of acid in soda the can cause you to have stomach ulcers.

Many people all over the world drink lots of tea. Tea comes in many different flavors. Teas are a better alternative than soda or coffee. Tea has many different health benefits depending on the kind of tea you are drinking. Green tea is said to have many health benefits.

People do not realize that there is twice as much caffeine in some teas as there is in a cup of coffee. Some herbal teas can be dangerous if you consume too much of it. You have to pay attention to what is in herbal teas. You may be allergic to some of the ingredients.




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Energy drinks
With many people living fast passed lives, they are always on the look out for a quick pick me up to get them through the day. The energy drink market is one of the fasting growing in the United States. The billions on a daily basis consume energy drinks. Someone is getting rich off of all of the energy drinks.

Energy drinks are not good for you, and they were not meant to be. Some energy drinks have as much as fives times the amount of caffeine in them as a cup of coffee. Caffeine can cause you to have heart palpitations. Heart palpations can lead to even worse problems like strokes.

We lived in a world that drinks way too much caffeine. Many people do not realize the many harmful affects that the caffeine has on the body. Some people do not even know that caffeine is a drug. Something has to be done about this problem.

The next time you feel thirsty and need a drink you may want to rethink what you are drinking.

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Brenda Marie is freelance writer of four years. Brenda is a Reiki grand master. She has studied many forms of Reiki. Brenda has a Master's degree in Metaphysical science. Brenda specializes in spiritual healing, health and wellness essays and articles. Brenda is a wife, mother and doggy mommy of one. Brenda enjoys writing, reading, watching old movies, and spending time with her family.

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