Resume Do’s And Don’ts : Ways of effective resume writing

Are you still looking for a dream job? Every day we face changes and we want something we dream of to have a stable future. Many start it for looking for a dream job where it becomes their stepping-stone to have it.

Once you find it, the very first thing you need is to conceptualize that will meet and satisfy the requirements of the company you are applying for and what is it? It is no other than the RESUME or I called it the inner soul of every applicants.

Therefore, what are the things we should include in your resume to represents you well in the company. Always remember you are not writing an essay or a novel to sell yourself to the company you are applying for.

1.)  Make it Short and Presentable:

If you are the interviewee, do you love scanning three pages to four pages resume? I don’t think so. I remembered when I was in HR department I honestly felt disappointed if someone passed a not well presented resume to me.

Make it short and presentable do not use too big fonts or too small fonts. It is best if you use Serif Fonts, 12 pts for the letters and black color. Do not forget to check your grammar.

Many started their resume in Personal Background and Work History is on the least part.

Why not begin with the following:

Contact Information: At the top of the page put it at the center is your name (make it Bold and Capitalize) then address, contact information and email address if any.

Objective: State your objective why you are applying for the job and things you can bring and possibly add up to the company.

Key Strength / Skills: This is the highlight of your resume because it will become an overview of your qualification and knowledge. These are the skills and abilities you possess acquired through life and work experiences.


Work Experiences / Employment History or Background: They can find here your previous position, name, address of the company, inclusion date were you got hire and State your duties and responsibilities for that position.

Educational Background: State the recent School or Universities, College course, date attended and address up to the previous school attended.

Honor / Awards / Seminars Attended

2.) Photo:

Make sure it is your recent photo, please do not use your selfie …. J. Do not worry about your physical attributes otherwise, you are joining in a beauty pageant. Make sure you wear appropriate dress preferably business suit in your photo, not too sexy not to vulgar type of dress.

Resume is your introduction tool to get your dream job but it is best if you make a research about the company and the position you are applying for. And do not forget to come early to give yourself more room to freshen up and be ready for the series of interview and examination.

Good luck job hunters.




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