Relationships Burning Out Fast? Learn To Keep The Spark Flickering

What even are relationships anymore? Nowadays, people seem to be getting a wider and wider definition of what a proper relationship is, spending less and less time together and barely having time for each other, but then again, who are we to judge? We’ve all made some stupid mistakes in the past, and some of those mistakes are pretty likely to be related to something to do with relationships. As great as relationships can be, once the “daily valentines” period is over, you are left with something which has to be cherished and maintained, turning into more of a labour of love rather than a ride you happen to be on. Things won’t keep being great, unless you make them great, because we are all just human after all, and we all grow tired of things. If you find yourself burning out in relationships very quickly and you find that spark to just suddenly disappear, then keep reading and we will go over some basic ideas of what to do for each other to keep that spark flickering.

Holding hands

Go out of your way for the other person

Because if you don’t, who will? If there is anything we seek from a partner in a relationship, it’s some sort of comfort. The comfort of someone’s warmth and being able to pet their head as well of course, but also the comfort of knowing that someone is there for you, who you can rely on and fall back on in case something goes wrong. This stretches much further than the obvious financial aspect, because some people prove to be the biggest help without spending a single penny. Be an ear ready to listen, be a shoulder to cry on, and be all those things which almost come off as borderline-cheesy as this point, but the truth is that as humans, we are as complicated as we are simple and predictable. Sometimes a mere “It’s going to be alright” and some loving hugs can work wonders. It’s moments like these which make both parties remember why they committed to this relationship in the first place.

Treat the other person

Other than your close friends and family, who have you got that deserves nice things from you? That’s right, your partner, and what better way to go about doing nice things than treating them to something every now and again? Whether you organise a surprise holiday for the two of you and go on a romantic cruise, or maybe even go to the theater together, sometimes just the fact that you know someone went and organised something with you in mind is enough. Maybe you want to shower them in fancy jewellery? If so, make sure to do some research first to not get ripped off, you can find some useful sites such as this one which will show you the ropes. Perhaps you wish to book a fancy restaurant just for the two of you? Regardless of what you pick, you are definitely not short on options, and you know what they say, “Variety is the spice of life”.

Sweet kiss

Importance of friends

Maybe you want to invite friends along next time you go out somewhere with your significant other? A lot of the time, having some close friends to give you a different perspective on your relationship can go a long way, so keep your friends close even when you’re busy being in a relationship. Don’t be that person that finds a partner and nobody hears from them for months on end, it just isn’t healthy, for your relationship and your friends. For one, time apart is important, and two, your friends are precious. With some time apart every so often, all those special moments you share will prove to be much more meaningful.

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