Recycling Vegetables

This is not about recycling vegetables as in cooked vegetables or vegetables long forgotten in the refrigerator.   This is about replanting vegetables.   Sounds interesting yeah?  Yes, it is really interesting and of course somehow can save a little with the assurance of no alarming GMO produce.

This  article is about hobby, economy and passion.

Day 1. Planting the roots. Mavic's Photo Collection
Day 1. Planting the roots.
Mavic’s Photo Collection


Oh well, what is a hobby?

Planting is my hobby.   I really love planting,  I don’t need to plant vegetables here because they are “practically very cheap”.  However, “why not,  I just thought, I am not doing anything anyway… so  for my past time I can plant something”.  But what will I plant?   “Ahh yeah, since like vegetables, I will plant vegetables”, I thought.   No seeds available.. so I was frantic… “what shall I plant?”   hmmm.. Ok,

tips  Tips go here now.

1.  some vegetables still have roots.  (especially when bought in local wet market).   Cut the roots about 1 1/2 inches from the roots.

2.  Leave the roots and keep the rest of the vegetables in the ref (after washing of course).

3.  Dig holes.

4.  Neatly place the roots in the holes.

5.   Water them daily.  so the roots will sip through the soil.


After a few weeks... Mavic's Photo Collection
After a few weeks…
Mavic’s Photo Collection


Having  my own garden,  really relieves me from stress.   Every morning, while I am waiting for water to boil for my early coffee, I will  be in my garden.  Looking at them and admiring each of my plant.  (Crazy.. naah I just love the green part of them).   If I see any weeds I pull them up.

Every time I buy vegetables, I see to it that there are roots.  Or if the vegetables have roots I see to it that they are carefully chopped off.  Then plant them.

I was able to harvest some vegetables in my garden already.  From eggplant to water spinach or morning glory and basil.   So I was able to save time going to market,  I have instant vegetables in case I can’t go to the market.  and Save a little baht from gasoline to actual price of the vegetables.

tipsHere are the tips.

1.  Check the availability of the vegetables ready for harvesting.

2.  In terms of water consumption.  These are some ways I don’t consume much water.

Reuse some water for watering them.  What I do to collect reuse water.  I put a basin in the garden faucet.   Since washing hands often done there,  i can just wash my hands and still place some water in the basin.  I also use water that I used from washing  other vegetables or fruits.  I am sure you will think it is dirty.   (I am not using water with suds, by the way).  Why is the soil where you planted the vegetable clean?   I believe in science so I know that vegetable also has a way of filtering dirt.  I don’t consume much water and don’t add to my water consumption bill.

It is always raining here,  so I put pail, or basin under the water spout so when it rains I can collect the rain water.   Cover them and when I have no water to water my garden I use it.


Harvest Time Mavic's Photo Collection
Harvest Time
Mavic’s Photo Collection


One of the greatest advocates ever named in the planet earth is “Saving the Environment”, “Environmental Awareness Campaign”, “Protect Mother Nature”   and “Green Peace”  and the list goes on and on.

I believe in these advocates so I am number one supporter of them all.  Although I am not a member of any group.  In my heart and consciousness I know I have and I play a great responsibilities on loving nature.

tipsThe tips are here..

1.  Recycling/replanting vegetables could be one of the ways I can help these groups.

2.   Reusing of the plastic cups and empty plastic water containers as nursery or planters could also be considered as a support to the advocacy.

3.  Reusing water.

Hobby, Economy,  Passion… the three driving force that motivated me to replant the vegetables.   Three main reason why I did it.


What are the motivating factors that drive you to do something you are not doing now.?    Write your comments in the comment box who know you may be able to motivate others, too.


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6 thoughts on “Recycling Vegetables”

  1. Nice idea to replant vegetables. I also do it. Example when I buy citronella, I choose those that have roots and I replant it; it easily grows. In our own little way, we can share something to save the environment.

    • I never thought that citronella is a bushy plant. trying to find them in the Philippines as plant tree but when I found a lot here in my place they are like just cogon grass. LOL

  2. Excellent article and great tips! It clearly shows how passionate you are about gardening, environment and conservation. I too love growing my own garden. I had a roof-top garden that supplied vegetables for our house at least 3 days in a week 🙂

    • yes, it is nice to get something from the hard work and fun at the same time. me, too from time to time I can get something from my garden. saves a little money and at the same time sure that they are fresh.

    • patience is a virtue… maybe you just need to have a very good soil… I found my soil here not good for some kind vegetables but for others they are pretty good


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