Reasons why people Migrate

a. Religious Purposes: Some missionaries have moved from their countries of origin to other countries for evangelism purpose
b. Official Assignment: Some Government officials may be posted to other countries for official assignments. Some may go as diplomats and attaches to foreign embassies
c. Economic Prosperity: It is natural that people would like to move to areas where they would be able to make a living out of life without so much stress.
d. Education: Sometimes people would go to other places to study and acquire skills
e. Adventurism: People may be attracted to a particular area due to the availability of some tourist attractions and holiday resorts.
f. Natural Disasters: Any area that is prone to frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions etc. will witness massive exit of people from that country and stoppage of inflow
g. Political Instability: A country that is characterized by political instability cannot attract inflow of people into such country rather it will witness massive outflow.

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16 thoughts on “Reasons why people Migrate”

  1. For me it was college education. Before that, my father’s military career had us migrating every year.

  2. I have never really thought of migrating to another country. I feel like I am safer in our own country even though it may pose some dangers at times.

  3. Dear you Point out many good things. Our peoples Migrating others countries just for Business and Job.

  4. Happy I found you. Do you remember me at myLot? I was allknowing there. I am searching for ‘familiar’ faces. I have followed you here.
    Yes talking about migration some do it blindly – following the leader- kind of attitude.

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