Reality Shows – how real are they?

I love to watch reality shows on TV. But we all know not everything we watch on TV are true or not scripted. But there ar some which I think are good and reliable. Mostly those from the US like Amazing Race which is full of action and you get t see the different places, Masterchef , now how can you script this when you are cooking on the spot. I love to see the different dishes they make. Cupcake wars, Cake decorating and almost all cooking shows. I just love to watch their techniques and the different dishes. To me this is hard to script. Another show I watch is the new one Supermarket Superstar where ordinary people come with their own recipe and dish. They are then given 90 minutes to prepare it and have a focus group try it and the group does not know who cooked it. If they win they get paid and a chance to have their product approved and displayed in the A&P chain of supermarkets.

But there are some shows that are so irritating and obvious that it is being scripted. Sometimes the host makes problems for the contestants. Like the Big Brother show. I have not seen the US version or the other countries. except I’ve seen parts of one country, it just showed the people in the house and Big brother just guiding maybe giving simple tasks. But they are tested to see how they relate with others and how they survived.

I watch the Philippine version. The first few times seemed ok. But lately it has been getting boring and annoying. Sometimes it seems like Big brother is causing friction among the members.

But I guess it is to get higher rating of course. So now I would rather watch reality shows where I can learn something like Biggest loser, Master Chef, Amazing Race, Project Runway, and even the America and Asia’s Top Model. Something exciting and you learn something.

In 2 weeks the winner of this Big Brother will be announced but I don’t have hope my choice will win. I think who ever they want to win will win. Sometimes it seems a waste to keep texting your votes. Waste of money, time and effort. I think they already have their winner.

So most of the time Reality Shows are just for enjoyment. something to watch when you have nothing else to watch. I am not saying they are all bad but maybe the directors or writers should check out what they are writing or directing. Sometimes they do not give positive output for children and teen-agers.

Guess we just have to enjoy but also be realistic. I wonder if they really get the prizes offered because some past winners does not seem to have improved.

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19 thoughts on “Reality Shows – how real are they?”

  1. The shows nowadays try to make it as interesting as possible. Although the reality shows try to provide a slice of what is “real” in is world, they may not capture it if the producers keep on trying to make weird scenarios like that of the Pinoy Big Brother. It may be seen as entertaining for others but it just do not appeal to me.

      • That’s why I just buy the TV series collection from the mall. we are currently watching Supernatural. We are already at season 6. We have lots of catching up to do since it is already at season 9.

  2. I love watching reality shows back then until I have realized that these people are just merely acting just so to increase the rating of the show. They practically do things that they know would make the people curious.. more like putting up a show wherein they know what people would like to see.

  3. Some of the contestants knew already how to play and that is makes some reality shows boring. But now I am waiting the I Do of ABS CBN I guess this is a first time in Philippine TV.

    • yes sounds interesting wonder what will happen I think there is a US version forgot the actual name

  4. I love watching reality tv also like cupcake wars, storage wars. I feel that they are real but the other reality shows like Kardashians and Jersey Shore, I believe there are parts that are scripted.


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