Re-arranging your refrigerator…

httppixabay.comengirl-child-astonished-surprised-388652Have you ever thought of what the refrigerator normally holds?

Peek inside your refrigerator and the chances are that you will find some beer, soda, ice cream, cheese, butter eggs, milk, meat or perhaps some condiments. Have you ever wondered how many of these items are absolutely necessary and how many of them have been unnecessarily stored in a refrigerator?

The Europeans can tell you that butter can be kept in the open for almost two weeks.

Similar is the case for many types of cheese and there are a large number of people who claim that cheese tastes better if it is not put in a refrigerator.

You can safely keep fresh eggs in the cupboard or leave them on the counter for more than a week. Raising your own hens will give you another source of food.

You can use milk powder or buy milk in small quantities for your daily use. You can get used to the texture and taste of milk powder which is different from natural milk and soon you will not be able to tell the difference it makes in cooking.

A large number of condiments do not have to be stored in a refrigerator which is the usual practice of all American people. The habit is not scientific at all and is quite unnecessary.

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4 thoughts on “Re-arranging your refrigerator…”

  1. I think I have to check our refrigerator again. It;s been a while since we last organized it. Right now I’ve got a lot of candies in there.

  2. In some cases like what you have mentioned some food can not be stored in the ref. it is my regret that I put my teas in it… so I can’t get them out already, for they moist.


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