Quick Update: LoanIt [UniPeso] Deposited my Loan Proceeds within 7 Hours

Hello guys! This is just a quick update.

I have applied for my first loan on LoanIt [UniPeso] around 6:49 AM, and right now, time checked 1:25PM I received the load proceeds via my bank account.

Quick cash loans with LoanIt…


Last morning, I also posted a rant on Facebook about LoanIt… it asked me to connect my Facebook account for added assurance that I will get approve…

I did not do it because I was disheartened by the fact that my net proceeds is only PhP2,350.00. In fact, they have advertised their service to charge no interest for borrowers… but the deductions is quite high!

  • Evaluation service fee – 300
  • Account management fee – 300
  • Other charges – 50

That is equivalent to charging me 28% in 14 days!

Yet here I am, I was notified on my email that I got my loan proceeds from LoanIt.

Loant It disburse money within 7 hours

Would I recommend LoanIt?

It depends upon the situation if you need some quick cash now and you have no other option — try LoanIt for fast approval and disbursement of your loan proceeds.

I got mine in 7 hours!


  • 1 Valid ID
  • Bank (optional) — since you can pick-up your money on Cebuana

Overall, the application process was fast and easy.

Referral Program – PhP50 per successful invite

If you have invited a friend and that friend get a loan, you will get a reward of PhP50, and it can be deducted with your balance payable with LoanIt.

My referral code is:     00BUC3

I would be grateful if you will sign up using my referral code đŸ™‚


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If you don’t want LoanIt, you can try Tala Philippines, it has quick approval process as well and can disburse loan proceeds in almost real time based on my past experiences.

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