Quick and Easy Tips for a Sparkling Home

Everyone wants a clean and sparkling home but keeping it in that gleaming condition is serious hard work.  Here are a few tips to help with cleaning those areas which are the most frustrating and time-consuming to keep clean.


Approach window cleaning in a methodical way. Wipe  the window frames first, then the glass panes and finally the window sills.

To make an excellent window-cleaner, add 1 cup white vinegar to a litre of water. Apply with a sponge, then dry with paper towels.

To remove grease marks on glass panes, use a dab of turpentine of a soft cloth.

Another cleaner for sparkling windows : pour boiling water over potato peelings and when the water has cooled slightly, use the warm water to wash the windows.

Avoid cleaning windows on a sunny day, as direct sunlight on damp panes can cause streaks.

Dried paint on the panes can be scraped off with a razor blade.

Sills and Frames

To clean wooden window sills, brush off all loose dirt, then wash with a mixture of methylated spirits diluted in water.

Marble window sills can be polished with a neutral shoe polish.

Clean painted frames with a mixture of vinegar and water.


Use a neutral floor polish to restore the gloss to painted doors and window frames which have lost their shine due to frequent washing.


To clean wallpaper, take  some medium fine oatmeal and a towel, and working a a circular motion, rub the dry oatmeal gently onto the wallpaper, working a small area at a time. Take care not to rub too hard to avoid tearing the paper.


To keep floors in tip-top condition, sweep and/or  vacuum frequently. Once dirt is ground into carpets, it is very hard to remove.

Spot clean dirty marks on carpets as soon as possible.

Vinyl and linoleum floors: wash with soapy water, then rinse with clean water.

Remove scuff marks on vinyl with a pencil eraser.

Don’t let vinyl or cork floors get too wet, as the tiles may lift.

Sealed wooden floors : sweep, then mop with a damp cloth, making sure the mop is not too wet otherwise the wood may swell.

Light stains on wooden floors can be removed with a mixture of floor and shoe polish.

Stone floors: if very dirty, they can be cleaned with an ammonia solution.

All the areas above are the least popular areas to clean, but with these time-saving tips, the tasks should be easier and less time-consuming to do.



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  1. nice tips here. personally I really like a clean house… my house is so small that when you get inside you are already in the kitchen leading to the fence. but the dust.. argh!! so stubborn it looks like I am a collector of dust.


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