Quack Messenger Review: Paid To Chat – Legit Or Scam?

Quack Messenger Review: Paid To Chat

So I have previously talked about this smartphone app that allows its users to earn revenues out of using it and chatting only, I wanted to try it myself before giving any full review about it, you can check out my first article about it following this link:  Click here to read it

The real question now: Is Quack Messenger Legit Or Scam?

Yes, it’s actually legit I’ve tried it and they have sent my payment. I thought for a little while that they’re scamming users because about 3 months passed since I requested the payment but I didn’t receive it until I was going through reviews online about this app and I have actually wrote a review that they’re probably scamming, so I commented on that review and an assistant replied and asked me to contact them through email about this issue so I did, I contacted them and I received the payment of august 4 days ago through my payment processor which was $0.43 for the month of august knowing that I didn’t use the app too much that month.

Their payments don’t depend on a certain minimum threshold, they send payments every 30 days no matter how much you’ve accumulated and I think you absolutely don’t have to request for your payment as the payment of each last month gets automatically in process for you.

Now my payment for august is paid, the one for September is still in process and as for October, it is still pending.

If you have an experience with this app please do share it with us!

I hope you find this beneficial.

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    • It wasn’t a trouble, I have only sent one email to them and they’ve responded quickly by sending the payment, besides the app is cool, all you have to do is use it by chatting and you do that everyday for free anyway on fb or by texting etc.. đŸ˜€


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