Q? Tips Inspiration: What’s Your Game?

July 1- 7 Sports and Games

Surely there’s one sport or game that you like playing. Whether it’s a team sport or an individual event, you can share something about what you love playing. Look back into your younger days and reminisce all the fun you had.

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For the first week of July, Day2DayTips turns to your favorite sport or games. Share us your tips and tricks to enjoy sports better. Here are some questions to start revving the creative motor in you:

  1. What safety reminders do you have for newbies for your favorite sport or game?
  2. What are the best products or even brands that you recommend to enjoy the sport? A quick review will be great.
  3. How can you instill the love of a particular sport in children?
  4. How do you enjoy your favorite sports or game?


To help you write your tips, here are some keywords that you may want to use.

  • Sports car
  • Sports ticket
  • Baseball trophies
  • Swimming
  • Babies swimming
  • Swimming pools

The theme for this week is Sports and Games. So bring out your game face and write about your favorite sports activity.

A Tip from D2D: Visit Google Keyword Planner so you can use keywords that are more fitted to your tips.

Have fun!

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Day2DayTips Team

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7 thoughts on “Q? Tips Inspiration: What’s Your Game?”

  1. Good idea, there are endless sports topics to talk about, hopefully later I will have time to drop in and write up some tips. 🙂


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