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Good Day Motivators!

Welcome to our self-serve collaborative blogging platform! This is a new move to give all of you the chance to publish your helpful tips in no time! All new members who successfully verified their email addresses after the sign up process can publish their tips right away! No first tip submission anymore!

Tips on submitting your tips!

We’ve published several articles that will help you craft an awesome content for the site! We are wishful that you will read these resources before publishing your first tip! If you still have questions, if you are still doubtful on your first move – email us.

We have the right to delete inappropriate materials!

Being a self-serve writing portal, you can almost do anything you wish on the site, from writing to publishing your articles, to sharing them on social media – however, you should abide by he site’s main principle: Motivate by sharing practical tips to influence a positive change!

Since we are checking the archives on a daily basis, we will delete inappropriate content! An email will be sent to the author of a deleted article.

Writers who obviously violate the rules and the principles of the site will be banned forever!

We are inviting people from all walks of life to share practical tips on the site, we are very happy to know that there are several writers and bloggers who are more than willing to impart their life’s experience to the community to influence a positive change! However, it’s expected that some people will obviously violate the rules for unknown reasons – in this regard, we have the right to delete member’s account, as well as the published materials of the author, and banned his/her credentials from signing or creating a new account again.

Motivate. Share Your Tips. Get Paid.


– The Day2DayTips Team


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Day2DayTips is the first Filipino blogging platform created for the whole world. Through this free collaborative blogging community, the site administrators endeavor to provide quality of life to its members and visitors. Furthermore, this will be realized through the sharing of practical day to day tips that is shared through the site.

12 thoughts on “Publish Your First Tip Right After a Successful Registration!”

  1. It’s a unique angle for a site to just post tips to motivate people, and that’s something that attracted me to it. It’s great to hear that you email the authors when you delete articles. Communication is so important and it’s the only way some will learn. Thank you!

  2. This is a bold move for the site. first, it relies on trusting the members. But it also requires members to be responsible. I am looking forward to more people joining and sharing tips.

    • And we have designed questions that would filter real people to join our site too! There are automatic registrations that are going on, but with our new system, only real people who are interested to share great tips are allowed to register Admin @jpcmc:disqus

    • With our new self-serve platform, motivators can publish their first tip automatically even the admins are not online Admin @giordz:disqus and in here, we give them an unlimited chance to motivate people around the world.

    • Thank you for that @khangvo:disqus our happy and smart neighbor!!! I’ve head a lot of good things there in Vietnam and I always dream to visit that beautiful island country soon!

  3. I am having a hard time commenting on articles that I read here in D2D. Do I really have to go to the motivator’s profile to comment on a specific article each time?


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