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this is just an honest product review based on my family’s own experience. I am not promoting nor putting down their products. My children’s reaction to these products might be different than your own kiddos. If you’ve tried any of these, please feel free to share your own experiences in the comments section below.

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Having an almost 2 year old boy and a 7 month old girl is no easy feat. My husband and I have enough challenges in raising those two that we’d like what they eat to be one less thing we have to worry about. We do our research when it comes to food for toddlers and healthy food for babies. We like to try the different types available and we also taste them ourselves. Our general rule is if it doesn’t taste good to us, it probably doesn’t taste good to them too. Sure we could force them to eat whatever’s available, but why make eating such a chore? I mean, shouldn’t feeding our body be something to be grateful for instead of a power struggle between kids and parents?


That’s why when we saw Happy Family products that claim to be healthy, organic and delicious, we just had to try them to see which ones the kiddos like… and which ones we wouldn’t be buying again. Here’s our experience on the different products (sorry I didn’t include any pictures of the products, a quick online search of the different happy family snacks will give you an idea of what they look like though) :

pink greenHappy Tot Organic Fruit and Vegetable Mixes

These are purees of fruits and vegetables. Similar to the ones Gerber makes, but they come in a pouch. Both cutie pies dislike these. They’d rather stick to Gerber brand or just the veggies we cook. My hubby and I also tasted them and well, we can understand why the cutie pies dislike them. The three different flavors we bought all tasted weird. Yes, weirder than your usual baby food, and no they weren’t expired.

So, what’s the tip? I wouldn’t recommend these.

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Happy Munchies

We tried the flavor Broccoli, Kale and Cheddar. These look like cheesy puff snacks and are intended for toddlers and should be eaten under supervision (as with all food for kids, of course). Our eldest loves these (the youngest is still too young for them) and it’s nice to know that he enjoys snacking on something healthy.

So, what’s the tip? I’d definitely recommend this for kids that like to feel independent by holding their own snacks. I like that it looks like junk food but the ingredients are quite healthy.

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Happy Tot Super Toddler Bars

Looks like a power bar. We tried three flavors and our eldest dislikes all of them. We tasted them and they are too sweet in my opinion and they’re sticky and a bit messy. Maybe that’s the reason why he doesn’t like them.

So, what’s the tip? I wouldn’t recommend these.

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Happy Puffs

These come in nice, reusable containers. Our eldest loves reaching inside the container and munching on these small, healthy snacks. They taste a bit bland to me, but if the kiddo likes it, well, who am I to complain? The size might be dangerous for younger kiddos though so be careful when giving these.

So, what’s the tip? Seems to be good for toddlers.

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Happy Creamies and Happy Yogis

These are my eldest and my husband’s favorite. Yes, my husband. They taste great and they melt in your mouth so they’re pretty fun to eat. Haha. We’ll probably try giving this to the younger kiddo soon too.

So what’s the tip? This snack is another one I would recommend. Just keep away from adults as there’s a tendency that they might eat it themselves. LOL

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Final Tips:

These snacks and food might be a bit more pricey than if you made your toddler’s snack yourself. But considering the convenience and the assurance that the ingredients are all organic and safe, the price is reasonable. Getting your little ones to eat them is another matter though.

Overall, my cutie pies love most flavors of Happy Munchies, Happy Puffs, Happy Creamies and Happy Yogis and it’s nice that they happily snack on something that isn’t junk food. They’re not fond of the Happy Tot Organic Fruit and Vegetable Mixes and Happy Tot Super Toddler Bars though.

So if you want your little ones to eat healthy organic snacks, you should give the happy family products a try, I’d skip the happy tot products though. No use buying something pricey that the kiddos dislike eating after all… just stick to your local veggies for that. Haha.

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9 thoughts on “Product Review: Happy Family Organic Superfood For Kids”

  1. good suggestions.. hmmm.. i wonder if they tastes good LOL maybe because your kids just love them… may i taste?

    • Hahaha! I was most surprised that the Broccoli, Kale and Cheddar one tasted good actually. (me and the hubby tasted all of them too LOL) 😉

      • I used to taste the baby food in the house too, from my niece and nephew… I know if the food taste like a paper.

  2. In India, the organic craze is just beginning to develop. We don’t have this company here though.. we sometimes buy directly from farmers who grow ‘nearly’ organic

  3. Thank you for this product review. My wife and I are looking for healthier options for our daughter. Right now, we are considering growing our own food so that we can ensure safety and quality. My daughter loves the idea of planting to grow her own food.

  4. That’s nice, hope it does not have questionable ingredients. It’s good your kids like it because children are the best critics for food products.


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