Problems of Large Population in any Country

  1. Reduction in the stock of goods and services: if the population of a country is too large, there is tendency for reduction in the stock of goods and services available to the populace
  2. Fall in Per Capita Income: When the Population is too large; the per capita income tends to fall as the welfare of the people depends on the quality and quantity of goods and services available in the country
  3. Reduction in Standard of Living: If the population of a country is too large without corresponding natural resources, then there would be a drop in the standard of living of the people
  4. Problem of Over-population: A large population that is not well managed will eventually lead to overpopulation with all its attendant socioeconomic, religious and political problems
  5. Unemployment: A large population may bring about serious unemployment crisis. This is because the large number of people will continue to use up the available resources.
  6. Increased Government Expenditure: Due to large population, government’s expenditure increases in order to meet most of the exigencies.
  7. Inadequate Accommodation: Large Population brings about shortage in accommodation, and this leads to very high social and political consequences
  8. Insufficient Social Amenities: if the population is too large, the government of such a country may find it greatly impossible to make social amenities available to everybody.
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