Problems of having extra income at home? Ways to Manage earning at Home.

As a mom, many of us are at home to guide and take good care of our children especially now a day that finding someone whom you can trust in taking good care of them is not that easy. Moreover, the opportunity to work and having regular job is lessen especially if you have 2 to 3 children to take good care of.

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This is one of the topics that most Moms are dealing and finding ways because earning additional income is an advantage, especially if kids are already in school and expenses is growing bigger.

To have an additional earning even at home usually starts in your hobbies. If you love cooking, you can earn out of it by selling something to your kids school. You can start sharing your favorite recipe as an introduction and if they will get satisfied out of it then you can start asking for orders.

On the other hand, try to make a customize jewelry, bags, sandals and slippers then sell it to your co-parents while waiting for your kids in school. Now a day there are many direct selling where you can ask for orders through brochures so while having a chit chat to your co-parents in school you can show them the brochures of list of products and start selling and earn from it.

There are so many ways on how we can earn even we are home and taking good care of our children, all we have to do is to assess how we can manage our time between our children, home and earnings.

Happy Saving…

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4 thoughts on “Problems of having extra income at home? Ways to Manage earning at Home.”

  1. I am a mom of 4 boys and trying to keep up with their needs could be very exhausting. I am lucky enough, though that I get help from both of my parents and in laws. But nevertheless, it does not stop me from wanting to earn something for my kids’ daily needs. Online opportunities have been a huge help. But other times, I need to search for other offline gigs to add more resources for my family.

    • It is true I am comparing before during our elementary and high school years P100 can buy a lot but now P1000 goes for school projects and supplies alone. Finding any resources to earn and help our partners to raise and provide our children’s need is a truly a must especially now a day.

  2. Moms should be creative and patient to earn extra income for the family. Your tip is just right, so they can make use of their time even when accompanying their children to school.


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