Problems of Distribution of Goods in any Country

1. Activities of Middlemen
2. Poor Road Network
3. Lack of Proper Packaging
4. Inadequate Storage Facilities
5. Hoarding
6. Lack of Effective Proper Transport System

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1. Activities of Middlemen: Most intermediaries are very exploitative. This singular tendency has made it difficult for the retailers and the consumers to purchase goods at a reasonable price.

2. Poor Road Network: Road Network in most country is bad most especially Nigeria as this makes it difficult for goods to be moved from one destination to another.

3. Lack of Proper Packaging: When goods are not properly packaged, they do not attract the desired patronage, as this is one of the major problems, it is the bane of effective distributive trade.

4. Inadequate Storage Facilities: One of the major challenges facing distributive trade in Nigeria is lack of adequate storage facilities, as commodities that have high perishable rate cannot stand the test of time because of this problem.

5. Hoarding: There are unscrupulous people who imbibe the habits of creating artificial scarcity of goods in a country through hoarding as this has greatly affected the distributive trade in the country.

6. Lack of Effective Transport System: For the goods produced to be able to move from the areas of production to where they are actually needed, there is need for an effective system to convey such goods. However, this is lacking in Most Country

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