Prevent household accidents

We all teach our children about road safety and keeping them safe from strangers but we also need to teach them about home safety. Every year, thousands of children get hurt in injuries that occur inside the homes. Many of these accidents occur in the living room or dining room areas but the most serious accidents happen in the kitchen and on the stairs.

Fire Alert:

Teach kids never to play with matchsticks, lighters and candles. Candles should never be left burning when children are going out of a room or are about to sleep. Candles should also be kept away from materials that catch fire easily like curtains, books etc.

Electric Safety:

Teach children never to insert metallic objects in open sockets or touch them when their hands are wet. When a plug is inserted in the socket, the button should be switched off. One extension should not be used for too many plugs otherwise it may heat up and melt. When not in use, it is best to pull the plugs out of the sockets.

Safety from Sharp Objects:

Teach children never to play with sharp objects like scissors, needles, knives etc. They see their moms and grandmas using these things every day and might think it is okay if they play with them too which can be very dangerous. If they carry a sharp object, it should not face their body and they should never run while holding scissors, knives or glass items.

Choking Hazards:

Teach kids never to put small objects like beads, peas, pebbles or M&Ms up their nose or small things like coins, round batteries and small parts of toys in their mouth.

Poison Safety:

Teach kids about never trying anything that tastes or smells funny. There are many household cleaners in the house which can be fatal for children if ingested by mistake.

No Silly Stuff:

Teach kids never to do dangerous stuff like jumping down the stairs, hanging from balconies or using skates down the stairs. Explain to them the dangers of such reckless activities. Children should be taught to put away toys after playing with them so that other people do not fall over them.

Teaching children about household accidents and how to prevent them should be the priority of all parents and caregivers because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. beautiful.. this is a very good reminder to all parents especially when the children are in the age of curiosity.. always curious about things and what if .. good reminder.. thanks for this

  2. As a mom I am very very particular with all of these, it is best to take safety precautionary measures at home to avoid accident and safe home for our kids.

    • Exact;y. Admin @disqus_dqdRGzpeIO:disqus. Moms are the most cautious person in the house that it seems to be a mantra for them to be telling these things over and over to their kids.


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