Prepare Your Pet Dogs For The Summer

I will talk about dogs because they are what I have and I am basing this on what I have read and especially on experience. During summer humans feel hot and humid, what about your dogs? Now if they are short haired then not too much of a problem. But if you have terriers, maltese, poodles, shitzus or any of those cute little long haired dogs; they also suffer when it is hot. Try to imagine sitting outside in the hot sun wearing a fur coat. That is how they feel. You will notice they like to sleep on tiles or smooth cemented floors. Mine do because it is cool. Now if I am in the room with the electric fan on, they will jump on the bed and lie down and feel the breeze of the electric fan.

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Here are some tings that can help keep them cool so they will not suffer:

  • Always have some drinking water available for them. I always keep a small tabo or water dipper with clean water near our bathroom in the bedroom. They all know where it is, even the big dog. Sometimes I get surprised while I am in the bathroom and they come running down taking turns to drink, when 1 is taking too long to drink I put another dipper so 2 can drink. Place them in different areas, I also have a water bowl in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Just make sure you change them everyday. Sometimes I have to refill them more than twice a day.
  • Give them bathes, if possible weekly, it keeps them clean and cool and lessen ticks and fleas because during summer there will be a lot.
  • Brush their fur often and if too long tie them if they will allow. It will remove the dirt and fleas and cools them.
  • Last, and I just did it to my 4 long haired dogs, Chabita, Leeyam, Bubbles and Charmi, trim or shave their fur off. They will grow back. This is their 2nd summer and the first for Leeyam to be bald. Try to get them all because if there are patches of hair that is still long all the tick and fleas will gather there. I used an electric shaver and scissors. I trimmed near the ear area as short as I could. You might feel bad and they would look funny but in the long run they will feel cool and comfortable. It will also lessen the fleas because they have no where to hide đŸ™‚ . I asked my vet and she said it was ok only for long haired dogs, do not shave the short hair breeds unless necessary like if they have skin infection, their hair does not grow back fast. In 3 months the dogs will look good with healthier fur. It makes bath time easier and faster.
  • Oh one last thing don’t put clothes on them during the summer, it is too uncomfortable.

So take care of your dogs and other pets. They give you unconditional love and are very good companions. When going on walks bring some water for them too.

Dogs also protects us and warns us of intruders so keep them healthy and give them love. you will not regret it.


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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

11 thoughts on “Prepare Your Pet Dogs For The Summer”

  1. Dogs do feel uncomfortable during hot months. You could give them cool water, even with ice cubes.

  2. These are great tips especially now that the heat is raging. I make sure our dog gets a huge bowl of water and I refill it often.

  3. This is helpful especially now that the weather is too hot, they got affected also. I took a bath my dog every morning between 9 to 10 am to cool him down.


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