Practical Tips when Travelling with a Baby

If you are a first time parent, a trip away from home would be a dreaded nightmare. Sure you are very excited to show off your precious child to far away relatives and friends but travelling with a baby in tow would be really stressful; that is if you are unprepared.

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Most amateur parents would commit mistakes of carrying too much or too little. Here are a few tips that might be helpful for you before you packed up and load in:

1) Do not forget your baby’s MILK!

If you are breastfeeding then that would be fine. However, if your child is fed with a bottle, you might want to double check on this aspect. Consider how much your child feeds every day, the availability of clean drinking water from where you are headed and if there are stores that you could buy from in case you ran out. Also take note of how long you would be staying away from home but remember this; when it comes to baby feeds, it is better to over pack.




2.) Pack sufficient clothing

Most first time parents would often times, pack half of their baby’s wardrobe when going out. It is fine since baby clothing does not take much space but never forget the essentials like blankets, towels and diapers. Baby clothes also are small enough to be washed and worn so packing a few could be considered.

3.) Include your baby’s medications or vitamins!

It is very important for babies to always take their medicines or vitamins on schedule so a trip away from home is not an excuse for your baby to miss his or her meds. Also, if your baby is prone to colic or flatulence, do not forget to bring warming oil. If he or she is prone to cold, always pack the nasal aspirator.

As parents, we want our kids to be as comfortable as they could when it comes to travelling. Oftentimes, when another parent forgets one essential it could lead to a stressful argument making the trip less enjoying. A lot can come unexpected but the key is to plan well and prepare. Have a safe trip!

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I am former contributor for Bayanihan News Australia and currently a part-time blogger/writer for different websites. I also teach English to Korean and Chinese students online. But most especially, a proud mom of three. ^_^

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5 thoughts on “Practical Tips when Travelling with a Baby”

  1. There are moms who would just leave the opportunity to travel because of having difficulties in traveling with a baby. But sometimes, it is just inevitable not to travel especial on very important occasions.

  2. Welcome to D2DTips! Travelling with a baby is kinda challenging for me, I remembered when my son was 2 years old we need to visited Mom in province. Oh! Boy how I wished I’d stay at home. But just like what @jenny1015:disqus there are times we have to and ways you shared are helpful especially to all new parents and first time Mom.

  3. When I left my home, my son was still 9 months old. We didn’t experience a long travel with our son. Just on a maximum of 2 hours. But your tips will give us more confident when we travel more hours when I come home. THank you

  4. New parents should consider those tips you gave. I remembered when we travel from Manilato our home in the province, I had too many luggages because of too many things I brought that our baby might need. Sometimes it’snot practical.

  5. I did loads of traveling when my kids were babies. Two big things are having stuff to clean any mess they make and having everything you need to keep them warm/cool depending on the temperatures.


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