Positive and Negative Effects of Under Population

Under population is a situation whereby the size of the population is small in relation to available resources of the country. It is situation where the size of the population is below the equilibrium

Causes of under population

An increase in Death Rate: Natural Catastrophes such as earthquakes, flood etc. will lead to an increase in death rate therefore the country witnesses a reduction

A fall in Birth Rate: When a country decides to reduce the number of children for fear of eventual overpopulation or any socio-political factor which does not favor children, the country becomes under-populated

High Level of Emigration: A persistent increase in emigration over immigration will leads to a reduction in a country population.

Positive effects of under population

  1. No Congestion: A country with less population experiences little or no congestion
  2. Employment Opportunities: As a result of small size of the population, there will be enough job opportunity for the people
  3. Increased in Social and Infrastructural Facilities: An under Populated Country experiences a higher per capita in terms of social and infrastructural facilities available to the people in the country.
  4. Availability of Idle Resources: The fact that a country is less populated means that the resource available in that country is higher than the number of people; hence, many idle resources would abound everywhere.

Negative Effects of under population

  1. Lower Standard of Living: Under Population engender lower standard of living as a result of inadequate labor force that would have conveniently boost output and production of goods and services
  2. Lack of Adequate Manpower: Under population results to shortage of labor with that attendant effect of low investments and income
  3. Under utilization of Resources: Resources are highly underutilized in a country with low population
  4. Lack of People to Defend the Country: At times of war and emergency, a country might find it difficult to mobilize enough people to defend it
  5. Equilibrium at Less than Full Employment: Under population leads to reaching of equilibrium at less than full employment as a result of idle resources.
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5 thoughts on “Positive and Negative Effects of Under Population”

  1. I always wanted to live in under population country like Norway… i know the employment will never be a problem.

    but then I thought… why are they under population.. is there something wrong with the country? like too cold?

  2. Overpopulation is really hard to cope up to, in terms of housing, services, etc. from the government. There will also lack of resources and jobs for many people.Underpopulation is better.

  3. There are problems with both under and over population but i bet it would be easier to deal with underpopulation than over population. Right now there are far too few jobs all over the world.


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