Positive and Negative Effects of Over Population

Overpopulation is a situation where people in a particular country are many in relation to the available resources; it is also a situation whereby the population of a country is above the optimum population. This situation will force people to compete for the available resources and due to shortages of resources; there will be general decline in the standard of living.

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Positive effects of Overpopulation

  1. Defence: Large Population makes it possible to mobilize enough people to defend the integrity of the country in times of war and any other emergencies.
  2. Increase in Labor Market: Increasing population ensures increase in the labor force. Lack of growth in the labor force will make a country static, retarded and gets to equilibrium at less than full employment level of the economy.
  3. Large Market: Investors would like to invest in a country with a large population. As the population continues to grow so will be the growth in demand for food, shelter, clothing etc.

Negative effects of Overpopulation

  1. Poverty: As a result of overpopulation, the available resources would not be able to do round and this will result to poverty in the country.
  2. Unemployment: Overpopulation leads to unemployment, this is as a result of the number of people looking for job outruns available resources.
  3. Social Problems: Overpopulation brings about social problems such as bribery, prostitution, armed robbery etc.
  4. A decrease in the standard of living: Overpopulation leads to a fall in the standard of living. As a result of increased number of people, demand for essential commodities becomes highly competitive and it is those that are rich that would be able to afford them, thereby bringing a fall in the standard of living.
  5. Brain drain
  6. Increase in Government expenses
  7. Possible increase in dependency ratio
  8. Low Per capita income if production level does not increase
  9. Increase in imports, which will result to balance of payments deficit
  10. Shortage of food
  11. Difficulty in educating the children
  12. Under utilization of Labor
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