Please Be Careful With Your Heart


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One of the basic necessities that we need is food. Food helps us get recharged in order to help maintain life and growth. When we think of food, we think of it as something that the body needs. However, not all food that we know can be really helpful for maintaining a healthy body. There are a lot of junk food and sweets that have emerged in the market that I can say children have become more obese now than 20 years ago. And who should we blame for this? Is it the manufacturers of these food or the parents who have tolerated their children in exchange of not being bothered with their busy lives?


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The simplest way to feed a family with busy parents might be to have a take-out or delivery of fast food like pizza, fries and burger. I am as guilty as you in eating these food but one difference is that I don’t replace my kid’s meal with those. We may treat the kids out from time to time but definitely it is not part of our week’s diet.


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You may also have noticed how young are the people who suffer from heart diseases, strokes and diabetes these days.  This are mostly brought about by either stress or the kind of food that they eat. Having such a busy lifestyle, one tend to just grab what is instantly available. People have somehow neglected to choose the right kind of food that they need to eat most especially when they are overworked.


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Go to your kitchen and check out what are available inside your refrigerator and pantry. What kind of food do you usually buy? How sure are you that these foods would keep your family healthy? They may feel satisfied eating the food that you prepare but does any one of those help your family reach the recommended daily allowance of nutrients? Some may think that healthy eating means having to spend more but the truth is, it does not have to be expensive. You just need to learn to choose the  right kind of food and know how to creatively prepare them so that the children will enjoy eating them without them thinking that they are being grabbed of their “usual treats”.


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For cardiovascular protection, selenium is needed by our body. And what food is rich with this but the fish. We can cook them in various ways, like we can broil, grill or bake. Adding it with just salt and pepper and probably a dash of some spices and a squeeze of lemon and that is good to go! It contains less fat which makes it even healthier. It also has a good amount of omega 3 which is helpful in reducing the risk of heart attacks. Always stick to the fresh ones, though!


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Believe it or not, but liver has fats that are good for the heart. Of course, we don’t need to eat them every day to keep our budget but it is a healthy alternative to meat which we consume most of the time. Grilled liver is delicious as long as you do not overcook it as it becomes rubbery.


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Nuts has a great amount of omega 3, fiber, folate and Vitamin E. Of course, you must eat them unsalted. Do you know that walnuts is very highly recommended for diabetics?


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Everyone for sure is familiar with oatmeal. It has been advertised as being like a sponge that sucks in unwanted fats to make our body healthy. While it is true, we should choose the plain, unprocessed rolled oats instead of the instant oatmeal since this has sugar packed in them.


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Now this is one good news for coffee lovers like me. Studies have shown that caffeine is rich in antioxidants which is good for the heart. It also reduces the risk of having type 2 diabetes as well as help decrease the possibility of having Alzheimer’s Disease. The caffeine makes you alert thus your brain gets to work all the time. A healthier alternative to sodas is green tea. It is also rich in antioxidants that helps prevent clots around the heart.

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And now for chocolate lovers, here’s some good news. Dark chocolate is good for you but be sure to pick the ones with at least 70% cocoa content. It is said to help lower blood pressure and increases blood blow.  Just make sure though that there is no additive like palm oil.


Everything that I have mentioned can only make you healthy if you take them in moderation, of course. Anything in excess is definitely bad for you.


The next time you find yourself inside the supermarket, check out each product that you pick if it is the right kind of food that you want to feed your family. It helps to read the labels and be aware of the salt content of certain products. As with the meat and fish, always buy the fresh ones and make sure to cook them the right way.


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