Pinocchio is that you? Why do applicants lie?


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There was a research conducted in the US about the employers’ views regarding the applicants’ resume and surprisingly they found out that…

Majority of the applicants lie about:

1.  Salary.  Salary received from the previous employment.  Of course they expect an offer of a higher salary.

2.  Educational Background.  Some of the applicants were padding on the honors received or  anything about the education.  sometimes in the resume this applicant attended to a seminar and so on.. even this applicant really did not attend to such.

3.  Dates.   Some applicants were extending dates or padding dates of employment from the previous company.  This is to fill the gap of “no work” years or months in the resume.

During the interviews some candidates lie too, saying that they know the job very well even if they don’t know exactly of what to do.

Human Resources Departments are taking time to investigate and verify the authenticity of the details  in  the resume, likewise to all the information that will be told by the applicant during the interviews.

In the long run, these lies often result to termination of the employment, and of course losing credibility.   It will be taken against  one’s  character.  A liar is a cheater and can not be trusted.  OUCH! in addition,  asking for recommendation will be a problem.  Who would want to recommend someone who has a record of lying or cheating to another company?  An employee may face a legal problem, too since resume is a document and stating that the information there were true…attesting it truthfulness  by the signature. And of course,  it is such a  disgrace to the family of Pinocchio even without actual growing of nose.  How embarrassing when caught.  tsk tsk tsk

If you are interested to know more, here is the link to that research .

Well let us not take that as a negative research and pro employers, rather let us treat that as a reminder for all of us

Here are some of my suggestions based on my experience.  If you are a job hunter (sounds like a ghost buster)  consider the following points.

  1.  Be honest.   Just include in the resume all the true information.  After each resume or curriculum vitae we signed it saying that I thereby attest that the information provided here are true.   Remember…. you signed that paper
  2. Be Accurate:   Accuracy is important when stating facts like dates.  If you lose a job for a year you don’t need to put it there however, you can’t pad the years over the previous employment.     Remember that there is a chance that Human Resources Department will be checking the information you have there.

During the interview:

  1.  Straightforward but with willingness to be trained or to learn.  If you don’t know what the  job  description is, don’t pretend that you know,  because in the long run, your performance will speak for you.   It is more embarrassing if you will be placed in that position.
  2. Be confident.

I  know that we can do and will do anything just to be hired.  Applying for a job is a competition.   (I mean if there no moral and philosophical views at stake. )  but let me ask you one thing….

seriously, will you lie?

Happy job hunting..

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21 thoughts on “Pinocchio is that you? Why do applicants lie?”

    • thanks for telling me.. the issue is solved.. Now can I have 5 stars back for the rating.. just kidding…

  1. I’ve met applicants who lie. They don’t get my approval to continue with the selection process. But some lies are better than some. I once had an applicant quote a line from an article on customer service that she said she wrote. I asked about the title and where it was published. She got the title and website right. But unfortunately for her I was the one who wrote the article.

    • you are one of the that I am waiting for to respond here in my “employer” series because I like to know if the research is true.

      hahaha for that applicant… oopsies.. sorry… ahhmmm.. ehhhh.. hahaha.. you must have written a good article for her to remember and imbibe in senses…

      how did you feel? were you flattered?

      • I was irritated. She got the words right but totally misunderstood what it meant. i was more furious at that than pretending she wrote it.

        • hmm… that’s something, I think i should be flattered, though I wonder why she misunderstood it. LOL.

          or maybe that’s her strategy, she knows that you are going to interview her, you know….. trying to impress you… (more)

          • Some just skim through an article and take words without really digging deep into the content. Impressing me during interviews takes more than just blurting out strings of words that will make them look intelligent.

            What is important for me during an interview is how they can become an asset to the company. New ideas, commitment, and most of all, the right attitude. Character is very important for me.

          • ahhh.. i think if I apply for a job and you are my interviewer, you will hire me. hahaha… is there any available job in your company. I will go even as someone who will make your coffee… Sir, would you like to have black coffee?

  2. These applicants think that they can get away with all those lies. Well, too bad, it won’t get them anywhere.

    • lol. true.. some really were not aware that these lies will end somewhere and somehow.. but, sometimes, I can’t blame them, it is difficult to find a job and if there even a slim chance of opportunity… really one can do anything to grab that.

      • I bet I can be a horrible HR! I like scrutinizing stuff and making the applicants cringe on their seats! LOL

        • lol.. I wish you will not be the HR head that will be interviewing me. but if you will be, I need to go to the toilet first. I might pee in my skirt during the interview.

  3. Some people have so much confidence in themselves that they think they can carry it off if they get the job that they lied about experience in. I know someone who did that over 30 years ago. For him it worked. He got a good job in the company I worked for. But he had worked at a company my brother worked for and he told me that he overheard the guy talking about his resume full of lies. haha Hopefully it doesn’t work that way for most of them.

      • No, he never was. My brother heard him say that he applied for a job that he knew nothing about but that he lied about it all the way through his resume. He said he’d figure the job out if he got it.The company they worked for was going out of business and there would be no one to call to verify his resume. He came to work at my company and got a nice job in Accounts Payable.

        • oh well, he got away with it.. but i am sure that it was not easy for him too because all the time he was in his toes and watching his back. Not a good feeling, not too confident

  4. Hm, this is soo true and I knew some did this, given that they wanted the job but for me skills can be acquired but not the attitude of the person and if I am the employer I don’t know if I can trust someone cheats me in the first place.

  5. Some could be so brave to lie,it won’t get them anywhere, because soon it would be discovered by the HR, and of course companies are doing social investigations first before hiring employees, more so for sensitive positions.

  6. I have been on the end of the three-in-one interviews and because I didn’t ever lie, they weren’t bad at all and I always got offered the job. The three-in-one, is where, three supervisors take you and one sits across from you, you’re sitting also and you also have one on either side.

    They’re all asking questions – one at a time, and you look every person in the eye as you answer. (you turn your head a lot!)

    That, was after passing a written test, so there are many job interviews that last over 2 hours and they’ll catch you if you try to lie your way through them, or, you won’t get to the talking part, as you’ll flunk the written test part.

    When I was in charge of interviews, I took my time and did them, one-on-one and made sure to ask a lot of questions, and I “always” checked references — also if a person couldn’t look me in the eye and answer a direct question, that’s a pretty good indicator to me, if they’re telling the truth or not.


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