Perfect Body: Tips To be Followed

Are you looking for some tips to improve your body shape or to maintain current shape? Go on with this article and here you will get all details regarding what to do and how to do to get a perfect body shape.

First of all you should know what is your body shape and which shape you would like it to be. There are various exercises and workouts are available by doing which you can get your desired body shape. If your body is apple shaped or you want to be apple shaped then you can try push ups, walking lunges, and if you are pear shaped then you can try bench press, push ups, arm raises etc or if you have or you want classic Hourglass shape then you can try sq2uats,walking and side lunges, bicep curls and if you want to be shaped in Celery then you can try shoulder presses , ab exercises etc.

One common exercise which can be done with any body shape is running. Run as fast as you can and then jog slowly and it will definitely improve your appearance.

So start your joyride today with proper planning of work outs and achieve your goal of getting perfect body.

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Tim Scott

3 thoughts on “Perfect Body: Tips To be Followed”

  1. I did a lot of jogging when I was younger. I was active in sports especially in contact sports. But lately I haven’t gotten enough cardio.

  2. i am an apple shape. Big Apple shape just like a logo of NYC. LOL.
    push up? but that’s going to make my upper torso bigger isn’t it?


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