Peko mobile games Trending today – Earn $10 to $20 by playing it

Did anyone here playing Candy Crush or any mobile games? how many hours you spend for it? I played mobile games or any games from my i pad and i am addicted to Raod Warrior, i spend 3 to 4 hours playing in online, yest its mobile games and need only wifi to play and enjoy the game. Talking about online games, have you heard about a mobiles games that you get paid by just playing it? well, this was my first time to encounter such creative and amazing opportunity. This is the trending outside the country.

The name of the game is Peko, its an interactive games where you have to connect and interact with other people from different countries by playing games. The concept of the games is to earn points and your points can be converted to cash. And a lot of filipino people earning from it. This the chance for those mobile game player yo earn something from what they are addicted. Play Peko and you are able to earn $10 to $20 a day, not bad right?

This is my second day at peko and currently i have 56,000 points and need to have 44,000 points to redeem. Everyday you can earn points actually, theres no such as zero points. The more you play the game and the more you interact the more you gain points and earn money from it. Need more information about this game? you can search google, or you can check the source below.


Source: Click here

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