Pay Per Click & Impression Affiliate Programs: Sub-Domains And Full Domains

Here’s the list of affiliate programs websites that can work for sub-domains:


This one gives about 0.08 to 0.15 cents per click, it does also pay for when users on your site use the 7search’s seach box to search for

whatever they want to search about, they pay via Paypal, bank transfer and others. Give it a try?


2- Bidvertiser:

Click’s values vary in here but they do not get less than 0.10 according to my knowledge, the site pays through western union, Paypal, bank transfer and others.

Whether you’re an owner of a sub-domain or a full registered domain you can try this.

3- Exoclick:

I have personally tried this but their payment is so low, actually my old sub-domain didn’t use to get many traffic at all and I wasn’t working on getting

traffic for it because I’ve always wanted to open my own full domain so you might have a different situation here, they pay just like the others concerning the click and all.

4- Chitika:

Can be used for sub-domains and full ones, this is a very known affiliate program. You may want to read reviews about it because my experience with it is not really big and my sub-domain didn’t get me much traffic, I think this one pays for impressions and clicks.



This one claims that they might pay up to 0.20 cents per unique click so I don’t know try it! My experience with it is not that big having in mind that

my sub-domain was more like a dead site.


My tip for you is to check out the terms of service and the FAQ’s page before joining these because any mistake that you do unconsciously may get your account suspended and your earnings not paid to you so always be careful and follow the rules of each site before thinking about signing up.


If you have any others to add, please do while telling us your experience and how much cpm they pay and things.

5 thoughts on “Pay Per Click & Impression Affiliate Programs: Sub-Domains And Full Domains”

    • Sub-domains are easier to make but will most probably not get accepted by many affiliate programs, they’re good sometimes because they would be related to famous sites which have high Alexa rankings so yeah, I guess you have neither yes? ^^


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