Parent-Child Relationship: Single Parent

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The family is the basic unit of society. Understandably, a family is composed of a father, a mother and the children. We all aspire to have that perfect family. No matter how hard it may seem sometimes, our main goal is to be able to provide a loving environment so that the children may feel that they are loved and that they belong to a family of their own. However, there are certain instances where a husband and wife may no longer see things the same way. And instead of letting the children see them fight over and over, the marriage suffers and eventually needs to be given up. Being brought up as a Catholic, we were taught to sacrifice for the purpose of maintaining peace and joy and love within the family. But, there are factors which could not make this happen.


When husband and wife decides to live separate ways, children are most often affected. They start to blame themselves for what has happened to their parents. And when children start to feel this way, more problems come in. What could be greatly affected is the relationship of their children to their parents. The confusion of where to stay or even the question of whom to love more would play in their minds. These could greatly affect the whole life of children and so, their studies are also often ignored or neglected. They tend to spend more time with friends being unmindful of the consequences of their decisions.


During these times, parents should reassure their children that no matter how they have separated, their love for the children will always be the same. Instead of putting blame towards one another, both husband and wife should be vigilant in making their children have a normal life, even if it may seem impossible. A single parent is never easy. Most especially if the other spouse no longer wants to be part of the children’s lives. What to do?


The parent who has the custody of the kids should always show strength and encourage their children to face life even things have become difficult for them. The parent should help the children realize that life must go on and that whatever has happened should be their source of strength to become better individuals in the future.

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7 thoughts on “Parent-Child Relationship: Single Parent”

  1. It is hard for children to see their parents split up. Even if parents are no longer together, they should still strive to care for the children. Being separated does not mean they are no longer parents.

      • I believe that if things do not work out for the couple, it should not affect their relationship with their kids. Separation is traumatic enough for them.

  2. A single parent should show her child(children) that she is strong and capable of raising the family. She should be an inspiration to them, but she must make them understand the real situation.

  3. For sure, being a single parent is a tough challenge. It might be easier for a child if he was raised not seeing his father, I mean most unwanted pregnancies out there whose guys totally abandoned their women. The hardest part for a child is seeing his family breaking apart, like what happened with Two Wives. Personally, I don’t like that story, however, it’s the reality that is happening around us. Oh, sorry Partner, I might gotten out off topic now.

    All things considered, I would like to thank you for writing these wonderful tips. These tips are very helpful for single parents out there.


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