Packaging Tips for International Shipping

The first thing that comes to mind while shipping your items internationally is, if it will be delivered safely. And we worry about it because we don’t want to spoil the excitement and happiness of our loved ones. Because when we send a package to someone, we not only pack the items, but we pack happiness and surprise too.

So we should learn some tips to ship safely. After planning, at the time of shipping always use hard cardboard box for packaging. Cover all your sharp edged items with bubble wrap, roll tightly the clothes and fill the empty space with paper or foam. Put all the small irregular shaped objects in another small box put it in one corner of the shipping box. Use 2 inches wide plastic film to wrap and seal it tightly, so that nothing can fall outside. Always try to use anti-static material for wrapping up your expensive electronic items; it will prevent them from static damage and if possible, use original factory packing. Use a reputed and trusted source for shipping. With this you will never have to worry about any shipping damages.

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Tim Scott

8 thoughts on “Packaging Tips for International Shipping”

  1. I’ve sent books to my daughter who lives away from home and they came to her quite in good condition because I used an envelope with bubble wraps.

  2. These are excellent tips tim. I used to ship lots of items before and I manage to send it without damage. electronic items really require special anti-static wraps. I used to buy special pockets and envelops just for PC boards.


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