Own Blog Vs. Writing Site: Which Should You Have?

From the many articles I have read on making money writing online, most successful bloggers make their money through their own blogs. Some get help from their Google Adsense account, others do so from selling eBooks and other merchandise. Most of them, however, advise getting your own blog instead of joining a writing site. What are their reasons?


Having your own blog or website means:

1. You pay for a domain and a hosting site. This means having a site like thisismysite.com instead of thisisnotreallymysite.blogspot.com.

2. Since you paid for it, you make the rules.

3. You decide how to earn money.

4. You decide how the site looks like. You basically start from scratch.

5. One blog is only for one topic or niche/category. You can’t mix fashion articles with dog training in just one blog.


Joining a writing site means:

1. It’s a free registration.

2. Learn how you will get paid. If it needs a Google Adsense account (You need to work for this), or not.

3. Writing in an established site.

4. Meeting the site’s existing community.

5. You are subjected to the site’s rules, even if you don’t agree with some of them.

6. The site might close down suddenly or scam you.


So, which sounds good? You might be thinking I’m trying to get you to join the writing site world, but I’m not. These are just really the most common features of having your own blog or joining a site. So, which one should you have? BOTH.

Writing sites are a good way to network and meet new people that could become either potential customers or just new friends. When you join a writing site, you can hone your writing skills and write about a variety of topic. Joining a writing site is especially good for beginners who want to test the waters in making money online. You don’t have to screw your head around so much when you join a writing site, because the site handles the papers, (although I highly suggest you learn HOW you get paid in your writing site). Also, it can’t be helped if the writing site will have changes that will not favor you. That’s why it’s very important to review the writing sites you join. Some have stood the test of time and are genuinely reliable sites.

Having your own blog has one great feature: freedom. Because of this freedom, you have to actually INVEST in it. You pay for your own domain and hosting per month (There are lot of inexpensive but good ones), and create your own site. If you’re not so good at creating your site’s design, you can hire a web designer. Once your site is up, you start to fill it with content. Let’s say you sell mustard. Okay, you get a site, write interesting things about mustard, post pictures or videos about your business, and take orders from your site. You don’t need to buy or rent a lot! You can create a store online, which is cheaper! You also have the choice of using Google Adsense or other ad platforms for your site.

For passionate writers who want to write about writing, stories, blogging, or random things. You can do both. For those who truly want to run a business or sell merchandise, you can spend some time on writing sites, and the larger part of your time building your blog. Each option has its features. They don’t have to be exclusive of one another. You just need to learn how to make use of the features and options available.

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I love to write, read, and use my skills to make this world a slightly better place every day.

5 thoughts on “Own Blog Vs. Writing Site: Which Should You Have?”

  1. Both are good. Actually, way before I started joining any revenue sharing site, I had my own blog via blogspot. Of course it was a free site. But I really didn’t know about Adsense at that time. I just wanted to express how I feel and share it to others.

  2. I started my blog. but still under construction because I do not have much time now.Maybe later, will study how I can monetize it. We should join reliable sites like D2Dtips that is reliable.

  3. I write for both. Ofcourse writing for my blogs are more reliable for me as i can have full control over the content. And most importantly my blogs will be there forever as long as i wish. No one is there to delete them.

  4. I prefer writing sites, because I don’t write on one specific topic, I feel free when joining writing sites more than my own sites.

  5. Both, I agree, but my blog is a free one and I don’t use Adsense, so it’s just for writing and writing prompts and there is no money involved. Still, it’s probably my favorite – though I value each for themselves.

    I also way back when, had a website, where I did take orders, (initial investment was between $10K – $20K), which wasn’t the website, but the stock to sell, and I bought wholesale – still, it was a lot to put in at once, but I did make it back and also made a profit in no time at all. Without Adsense. It was the repeat customers that did it and word of mouth.


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