Overhaul Your Mental Health In 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes we may feel acute pangs of stress, worry and anxiety. It is only when these momentary acute symptoms become more chronic that our mental health may begin to suffer. It is normal to go through periods of worry especially if you are going through a transitional time of your life. Starting a new job, moving to a new area or having children can all bring on bouts of heightened emotions. It is the way you deal with these extreme feelings that can either make or break your personal well being. If you do find yourself succumbing to stress, you are losing weight, not eating or sleeping well, and find it difficult to keep your emotions in check, then it is time to overhaul your mental health using this guide as inspiration.


Your Situation

Your situation will dictate how you combat your mental health issues. If you are struggling with your finances, then a practical solution, seeking out debt help and budget templates can help refocus your mind. Attributing some order to a situation that you deem chaotic can calm down your heightened anxieties. If your boss is being particularly demanding and overbearing, a simple meeting with a union rep or HR professional can ease the burden, Utilize those around you and share your problem. Voicing your concerns and worries, and having others validate them can help you feel like a load has been taken off of your shoulders. This feeling of release is a welcome one which you need to embrace.


Get Outside

While it may seem like such a simple thing to do, heading outdoors every day come rain or shine to breathe in some clean, fresh air, take a walk and enjoy some natural surroundings can do you the world of good. Trees, greenery and wildlife are all mood lifters, whether you have green fingers or not. Sunlight can help rebalance our hormones and natural body clock leading to the release of the happy hormone dopamine, and endorphins will surge through our bloodstream. Exercise has the same effect. If you aren’t a gym bunny or the last time you did any sort of exercise was at school, start slowly. Head to a dance class with a friend, take a leisurely bicycle ride and ease yourself into a more physically active lifestyle.


Do Something New

A change really is as good as a rest. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, or the monotony of life is getting you down, take some of the holiday you are owed from work and do something different. Spend a fortnight following the Inca Trail in Peru, scaling Mount Kilimanjaro or heading off on a Kenyan safari. If your budget won’t stretch that far, visit friends, take up a new hobby, start learning a musical instrument or have a go at learning a language. Joining a club or a class can result in you meeting new like-minded people who can become new friends. By extending your social circle and having more fun activities to fill your time, you are combatting stress by filling your headspace with more positive experiences, memories and interactions.

Mental health no longer has the stigma attached to it that it once did. People are now more open, willing to talk and to work through their problems. It isn’t weak to admit that you need help. Use this guide to help you overhaul your mental health and enjoy a new lease of life.

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