Online Store as one of the good source in earning at home:

One of the common questions of a Mom is how they can earn at home while taking good care of their kids. This question also arise to me when I decided to stop in my regular job because I have to take good care of my son and make sure I closely monitored everything about him including foods and his studies.

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In my previous post, I shared some ways on how to earn at home while your kids are at school.

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One of my co parents asks me aside from this Tip what are other means to earn at home. I encourage them to sell online since it is in demands and it is easy compare to physical store. Online store is open 24/7 since it has an automated order and payment processing, selling, and purchasing can be done anytime.

Although there are so many things you have to consider in selling online that I am going to tackled in my post, I found this a great tool of earning at home.

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4 thoughts on “Online Store as one of the good source in earning at home:”

  1. Apart from being an online worker I have also tried to become an online seller. It is a bit hard nowadays due to stiff competition unless you can offer some unique products and offer some promo.

    • Indeed, actually many are go into online store now a days but just like @jenny1015:disqus said competition is stiff so it should be planned carefully.


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