UPESO Pre-Approved Me for 6K – Money Deposited in Less than 24 Hours!

What’s hot on December 6, 2018?

Update: The loan proceeds has been deposited into my bank account around 2:08 PM, so that was less than 24 hours!

Hello Kabayan! Welcome to our Online quick cash loans quick updates! I am getting crazy with the quick cash loan offers… but I make sure it is manageable enough of course.

So, let’s dive into the hottest!

I got a pre-approved loan offer from UPESO amounting to 6,000 Pesos payable in 30 days!

My tone is a bit promotional here, but that is due to my excitement. Please be always reminded that we should always weigh it down if accepting a loan offer is necessary (needed) or not. If not, turn the offer down quickly!

Application process

Since I got a text message from them, I have just opened the link and it directed me to their website. So, I did not download the UPESO app.

So, the process was seamless though it normally takes 5 minutes to answer all the necessary fields. It is the usual process just like you are doing it with the app. In the end, I am asked to provide a valid ID and a selfie with the valid ID.

It also needs a bank account for the disbursement of the loan proceeds.

No bank account, signing-up for RCBC is quick since it only asked you for a valid ID.

No App – No disclosing of contacts

What’s good! Since I did not install an app, I did not give UPESO the permission to view and access my contacts. Remember, when you install an app, you have given them several permissions right at the installation process, sometimes it includes allowing developers to view your contacts 🙁

Optionally, they asked me to download the app to check the status of the application, but I opted not.

FYI: I got the offer last night, and I have received the confirmation that the pre-approved loan was processed, today!

Call verification?

No call verification, I just got a text message today!

Will I recommend UPESO?

It depends upon the situation. That would be my answer at all times when you are going to ask me. If you badly needed the money, and you have no one else to ask for financial help — loan sharks like UPESO could be the solution.

But always bear in mind that loan sharks are implementing sky-high interest rates!

If you are using it to fund your business (like what I do with the big chunks of my loan proceeds) — it will do some good.

But, if you have some overdue loans right now from other quick cash loans provider — and you are going to use it to pay the due — not a good idea!

Always remember: When you avail some loan offer — make sure you are expecting some fund coming in! Either from your business or salary.

There a lot of people that are already complaining about being maltreated by a collector and there are a lot of people already that is buried with debt with loans sharks!

Are you experiencing this right now? I would recommend you to read my article: 3 Steps to Cope Up with the Stress Due to Your Unpaid Loans

Myself is not exempted that’s why I already learned a lesson or two!

One important lesson I have learned is that paying on or before the due date is beneficial

Wrapping Up…

Loan sharks are helpful like UPESO if you know the tricks to make it work with your situation right now. If you are doubtful, you are always free to say “no”.

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