Online Games – Tower Defense Game (TIPS OR STRATEGIES?)

The growth of online games is increasing and most of the people today became addicted to games. One of the popular game today is tower defense game such as DOTA, DOTA2, Heroes of Newerth, LOL, and more. There are country today already offering online games courses or hiring a gamer because they can earn from it. Most of the teenagers today are aggressive in playing online games and they participate in tournaments and of course they have their own goals to win and to be a professional gamer also.

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In order to be successful in a tower defense game, a Gamer must be an open-minded and never lost hope. In tower defense, there is always a team work because without team work a team will never be a victory.

The gamer should remember the following rules:

First should know the rules in the game.
Second should know the team personality or how the way playing.
Third should familiarize the map.
Fourth should plan a strategy for a team or make a team play.
Fifth set own goals for a team.

Hope it could help my tips for the gamer and for those who want to play games and want to be successful in gaming career.

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9 thoughts on “Online Games – Tower Defense Game (TIPS OR STRATEGIES?)”

  1. I didn’t participate to any games available online. For me it’s a waste of time. I want my time to be compensated in all aspects. I am a busy person, everything I’ve done followed my daily schedule. I have a regular job at the moment and supervising several people. I spent my free time online that includes updating my personal blogs, visiting some paying sites and checking new post here in D2D. I also monitored my offline business everyday. 24 hours is not enough for me to complete my daily activities. Although, i wanted to play a new game online but I can’t find time to include it in my daily schedule. Your post helps those game fanatics. Thanks and welcome to D2D community.

    • I understand where you’re coming from. I see lots of people engaged in these online games and fail to do their responsibilities. For those who have learned to manage their time well, i think online gaming provides them with a break from the busy they. If shooting and slicing others is your think, probably the popular online games will suit the person well. LOL

    • Thank you so much. I am still learning here how to add friends I can’t see the add button. I need to explore the D2D community.

  2. I used to enjoy PC games. I remember the time when Counter Strike as a huge hit here in manila. I even created my own maps for the whole gang to play. But slowly, my attention was focused on other things. I do miss playing PC games.

    • Wow! Amazing you are before. Because you already have kids? I sometimes playing games too unlike before. I am new here I actually don’t have any idea How to add friends here. hehe

      • You can go to the Motivator’s wall and click on members. You can see who is active and who’s the latest addition to our community. You can click “add friend”.


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