Online earning tips – Learn first before anything else

Do you consider learning is a great factor in making money online? indeed its the first thing that we should have to do before anything else, we learn before we earn, do you agree with that? How many times you failed after joining any online programs? When i start my online venture way back 2010, i experienced different failures, i thought making money online was easy but its different from what i expected but i never quit, i continue my online venture by knowing those important things in making money online. Learning is the key to success.

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I tried to blog for several times before ad i failed i thought blog is just writing articles and earn, i dont have knowledge about google adsense, SEO and etc. those are the things i missed. You need to equipped yourself with knowledge and ideas before you going to start doing necessary things to earn. Just a tip, if you dont have any ideas about a particular programs dont ever start working on it, learn first.

Reading important information about that particular program is one thing that will bring you to success, learn how it works, the process, rules and policies and how reliable and sustainable that program.

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Hi my name is bobie cayao, i am newbie blogger, newbie writer and online earner. I am not a typical writer, im still on my learning stage. my website:

33 thoughts on “Online earning tips – Learn first before anything else”

  1. I agree with you, experienced is a good teacher and we learned from it, We are experiencing the same before that is why when we created this site that is our vision and mission, to give a home for the writers just like us who wanted to share there experience and expertise in every aspect of life.

  2. I started blogging without any knowledge how it works. That was only a curiosity that ended up nothing. Constant research from different sites, equip me with several learning’s that slowly apply to my piece. I highly agree, better to know first what you are going to do if you want to succeed.

    • i started writing online as a stress reliever. Who knew I can earn from it. Well, probably a lot knew about it but I was oblivious back then. I still learn a lot and for that i am very thankful.

      • If a person writes well he doesn’t need to think so much of what to write you, it will just come out naturally…

        • Writing online has changed drastically. Getting views, adsense, google panda, so many things to consider. But when you focus on the topic and continue to improve it, it will definitely come natural.

          • i agree with this… though there are some people who claim that they can write.. but, actually they can type.. always there should be a room for improvement otherwise, stop breathing…

  3. I had to fall on my face so many times I forgot what it felt like to do well. When I go my first check I was speachless, now I teach SEO and earnings. Amazing how the turn around happend.

    • Another success story of learning and studying. I hope you can share us your expertise. The world needs more people who’s willing to share.

    • It’s about time to monetize my friend. Online earning is just a few steps ahead. I wish you success on this endeavor should you choose to explore it.

        • There is a content minimum, dont delete that blog or stop using it your adsense will never catch up with you. It will forever sit on processing status. Just keep posting content.

          • Then you can keep trying. I was rejected 9 times before I finally had enough views and content and got a yes. Funny thing is I only have 19 posts and 2000 views, there standards are cryptic.

          • Do you mean, keep on applying for the same site? wow… 19 times..

            you must be a very good blogger.. for 19 posts and 2000 views… good for you

          • Yes the same site. The one thing I always teach is be persistent. They have the money we want the money. They dont want to give up the money, we have to convince them to write a check.
            Thank you for the compliment on the views and posts. I hit it big a while back on a viral post and it gets about 200 views a day. Integrating with a facebook, twitter, and G+ connection to your blog will help drive views up. On Google + you can search for shared a circle with me and friend 500 people at a time. Most will follow you back. Then when you post something they will usually click on it. Giving you the needed views.

          • wow.. you got 500 followers??? oh my you must be that friendly.. Is having the same readers/viewers legal?

            i am not into independent blogging yet…. honestly I am scared,that I might just come up with rubbish articles. but what I have in mind, if I will have my own blog is “The adventure of a frugal traveler”, showcasing different places where I had been and exciting food that I ate. something to that effect. I am not sure if I will be able to get viewers/readers. LOL scared

          • Dont be too scared, you would have a lot of work ahead. Readers can come from any source in blogger. In fact I send my Bubblews posts over G+ once in a while. You get real authentic people who realy want to read.
            You have an idea for a travel blog? Cool idea, you should do that. If you have a gmail, just log into Blogger with the same account. You can make as many blogs as you want that way.
            I wish you luck, and share that URL so we can all see it when you have some things worked on.

          • you are really so motivating and convincing. I will find the courage to write. I noted this already so when I will have that courage I will start scribbling what I have in mind.

            I really appreciate this @jason_stover:disqus. One of these days, I will write something and see what else should I need to improve on my writing.

            thanks again..

          • @jason_stover:disqus wow, you have loads of patience with them. ( times is too much for me. LOL And yes, their standards can be perplexing.

  4. The more we know the better we can maximize it. Earning online provides a huge earning potential. But many just do not put the resources into good use. I have a policy to learn, unlearn and relearn stuff. Information is dynamic and we should capitallze on this.

      • I respectfully disagree with you @jason_stover:disqus a person who writes something in the net may not be called a writer or a blogger unless what this person is writing will really make a big impact on other people’s learning and lives. this person’s articles should be from a research based or experiential thus may influence other people. An internet user who just writes about anything without any sense is not a writer for me (at least for my standard). I have an FB account basically to store my photos and to share my simple adventures. I don’t have a twitter account (I am scared that no one might follow me, hehe)

        • and to add, I forgot to mention… An internet user who just gets an idea from someone else or worse, copies someone’s work will never be considered a blogger or a writer. (again this is from my point of view)

          • Well, you have me there. You are over humble to a point. You are a writer if you have a blog, I have read some realy stupid things and they were original and realy popular and yet I thought they were as dumb as it gets, they are still writers. However, A person who copies content is a theif. I too will never call them a writer, ever.
            I think you are a good writer, you get your point across and you area easy to understand. Some people have blogs and such, and are still writers, they may not be good ones but the term still applies.

          • oh well me too, though those blogs you said “stupid” they are either funny or there must be something that we can get from… i told you experiential based probably.

            thanks for complimenting back… I just really hope I am a good writer.. and by the way, this is not humility this is reality. You can not brag that you have diamonds when you only have stones.. do you? I must practice and learn more.

          • I got to tell you, when it comes to you and you start the addiction can be bad. I have 8 active and thriving blogs, with number 9 going online tonight. The one tonight will focus on creative outlets for people. It is a series of prompts that will spark your creativity and get you writing. I will share at some point, not sure of the rules here for that, but I will see. I look forward to your work Mavic and I can honestly say, I think you will do fine.

          • you really are a good MOTIVATOR @jason_stover:disqus you got me there. I am sure that some members here especially those who don’t have the courage and confidence to write will be enlightened and will learn from it.

            thanks for sharing. (*winks)

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