Note down mobile and other telephone numbers

Most people now have mobile phones. Our mobiles store our numbers and we just have to click a name to call the person.

What happens if we lose the mobile? We will not be able to recall most numbers and end up losing their contacts numbers. They also will not be able to contact us because of the misplaced mobiles.

This has happened to me when my SIM card was damaged while charging my old mobile phone. I lost all contacts.

What to do to prevent such a situation?

Note down all your contact numbers on a paper or diary and keep it safely. This way you will be able to avoid such problems like the one I faced.

One can also write down all important phone numbers on a paper, then laminate it and keep it in an important place. My cousin does it so that someone can contact his family members during an emergency as he is suffering from acute asthma.

I hope you find this tip useful.

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8 thoughts on “Note down mobile and other telephone numbers”

  1. i got used to speed dialing and voice activating contacts. I do not know their numbers. This is a very helpful tip and I think i will do this right now. I’ll laminate it and place a copy in my wallet.

  2. That’s a nice and useful idea; my husband accidentally deleted his contact numbers and now he’s having a hard time to have them back.

  3. I once lost a lot of phone numbers when my phone was broken. And I just hated the feeling of not being able to be connected to old friends. So what I do now, is to keep a copy of those important numbers.

  4. This is a helpful and useful tip, lossing someones number is kinda a hassle particularly if you need to talk or contacted them and you can’t recall there numbers.


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