No Room for Depression in My Life

I hear a lot of people saying they suffer from depression every day. I see people moping and dragging around in a state they call depression.
Depression sounds and looks like a terrible thing to live with every minute, hour, day, month and even years in a persons life.

Things people say about depression:

1. no motivation to get out of bed, or socialize
2. no reason for looking for the good in each day
3. things are always negative
4. no goals, no future
5 no reason for living
6 don’t know how to move on after tragic event in life

I must admit that I myself feel like the items in the above list once I socialize and listen to these people. I am thankful that I only suffer from very mild and short lived bouts of being depressed.

I know that I have no degree or medical training to help these people who suffer from depression but I offer a strong shoulder to cry on, an ear to allow them to talk about the issues, event, or problems that seem to hold them captive in their state of depression as if it was a cage with a lock on it that won’t allow them to escape its hold.

My tips for fighting depression are:

1. take a walk and talk to myself about the things that seem to depress me and allow myself to think out loud about the reasons
2. talk with other people and socialize to get new things moving through my mind
3. find a hobby, craft, or a group that does these things and join in and have fun
4. volunteer with charities and sometimes you find that there are other people there that have the same problem and you can communicate with them and find some relief
5. I fill my day with different types of jobs so I have variety which is suppose to be the spice of life which keeps me from having time to get depressed.
6. Think about someone else who has worse problems than I do and figure out how to help them while I am helping myself.

I know that I only write from my own personal experience and knowledge and what helps me deal with my minor bouts of depression.

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Janet Hankins

9 thoughts on “No Room for Depression in My Life”

  1. I am impressed at how you can control your emotions. And not many people are able to handle such situation. Great Tip!

  2. Many people suffer depressions because of so many factors around us. I admire you because your so strong to face difficulties. I myself don’t experienced it either maybe because I am the eldest and my mind keep on reminding me that I have to be strong for my family. Thank you for joining the contest, Good Luck.

    • Physical activity especially exercise can release endorphin. This will keep one’s mood up. Learned this from Legally Blonde. LOL

    • I remember just cleaning the house whenever i feel depressed. It relieves the stress plus i get to clean the house. win-win.

  3. It’s imperative to keep our minds busy and engaged. Although there are times when we need to empty ourselves and just relax, fighting depression requires the person to consciously taking action.

  4. Practical tips for the person aware and fighting depression. Depression can strike unexpectedly with devastating results. A few months ago Australian TV personality Charlotte Dawson, who reportedly fought depression for years was found dead in her apartment.
    Vigilance of a loved one suffering this serious condition may also, potentially, be a life saver.

  5. These are very practical tips for fighting mild depression though those with severe depression will always need professional help.


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