Nine Types of Intelligence


Nobody is stupid, Everyone has one or more types of intelligences with different percentages that he/she may not be aware of . There are many theories and researched done related to this concept. One of them was induced by Professor Howard Gardner; one of the famous psychologists who proposed a very interesting model for 9 main types of intelligence, known as “The theory of multiple intelligences”. which is I believe is much more logical and deeper than the old concept of Intelligence as a one factor ability.

This theory was discussed and developed many times, but due to its importance and its pleasant nature, I here review those 9 types briefly hoping that you explore yourself after reading it and start to evaluate your intelligences and strong points and you share with others.

1-Linguistic Intelligence

The understanding of words, how to apply them in different orders to express feelings and ideas, and the ability to learn and use new languages effectively. People with linguistic intelligence enjoy writing and reading, and examples for them include Poets, Writers, Novelists, Journalists, Lawyers and public speakers.

2-Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

The ability to calculate and process mathematical calculations and operations, using logical reasoning & inductive and deductive thinking and other thinking patterns. Examples for people having this type are of mathematicians, scientists and detectives.

3-Musical Intelligence

Recognizing and making Music, and everything related to it; Including Composing, Mixing, listening and identifying different notes, chords and other Music aspects

4-Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence

Coordinating between mind and body and applying physical skills, this includes Craftsmen, Surgeons, Actors and dancers.

5-Spatial-Visual Intelligence

Creativity in imaging everything in our world , focusing on pictures and patterns and applying artistic skills. This includes Painters and architects.

6-Interpersonal Intelligence

Effectively thinking about psychology of others, their thoughts, moods and way of thinking, communicating and leading people and working with them. This includes Teachers, Social Workers, and sales persons.

7-Intra-Personal Intelligence

it is similar to Interpersonal Intelligence but differs in its direction, as it is attention is directed towards one’s self. Understand one’s self totally and be able to manage it and think about its different parameters and aspects, fears and motivations. This includes Thinkers and Philosophers.

8-Naturalist Intelligence

The caring for Environment, and distinguish its different elements, and ability to effectively using, developing or categorize Plants , Animals, Water , Rocks, Air and clouds in a new or arranged way which includes people working in the ecological related issued and Nutrition works.

9-Existential Intelligence

Asking questions about purpose of life, religious topics and human soul and spiritual nature, Including Philosophers and religious people.


So, What kind of intelligence do you have most? , what is the type that you want to progress and develop? , I believe we all should ask ourselves those questions and start to think more about our intelligence and potential positives.

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9 thoughts on “Nine Types of Intelligence”

  1. fantastic.. review of intelligence.. hmmmmmm I think I have problem with spatial LOL. ohh by the way, i respectfully disagree with your first line… even people with mental disorders can develop a certain intelligence from what you have mentioned.

    • Yea maybe you have a low percentage in the spatial but i am sure you have higher values in other types. and speaking about people with mental disorders, i didn’t mean to underestimate their potentials, i mean they have would have obstacles and it would be harder for them. but you are right as they also can develop certain types of intelligence

      • hey Vam… hahaha yes I often get lost. if I go to a place I need to put a ribbon on the way where I pass because I will surely get lost on my way back.

        and speaking of people with special needs. I apologize but I am a bit defensive for them. One of my advocacy (why “advocacies” is not acceptable, LOL) . is Special Needs and People’s disabilities specifically for adults.

        I can’t tell you to revise your statement because this is your article. but I will very much appreciate it.. if you will not mind.. if it is okay with you.

        • I am very glad and appreciating your attention for people with special needs, and i agree with you, i revised it , thanks for noticing me

          • no you did not revise it. LOL .. it’s okay it is your style I can’t tell you what you should do.

          • hahaha i look like a teacher editing your work.. but no worry I am really a teacher.. and I fingers itch to edit … anything that I read

            however, I thank you so much.
            ***I edit other works but can’t see my own mistake lol

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