Nine Reasons Why I started A Blog a Year Ago

There are reasons why I started a blog a year ago! These are the reasons why I never quit blogging despite of the challenges I faced along the way, especially Google Panda and Penguin.

  1. I love to express my ideas. Since I was a kid, I love expressing my ideas to my classmates. I apply the freedom through writing various subjects. Blogging has the freedom of expression that’s why I decided to start my own blog a year ago. Whenever I am sad, writing some articles can help me ease the feeling.
  2. Blogging is a free tool for promotion and advertising. I start blogging to have a free medium for promotion and advertising. It’s not always free to promote stuff you love online, and so starting a blog of your own gives you all the space that you want for promotion.
  3. To be a helping hand to other people. I love discovering new things about the benefit of new technology, especially how the internet works, and you know, I am a kind of person who can’t keep what I learnt along the process – I share it. My own blog is a medium for me to write articles about my new discoveries in a form of trivia or tutorials.
  4. To become an expert in my chosen niche. That’s a dream, but that’s one of the reasons why I started my own blog. I want to become an authority online someday. My biggest inspiration is Darren Rowse of He started as a newbie just like me – and you know, he made his name online through the years of blogging. His famous statement is “building blogs is like building muscles.”
  5. To connect to people of your interest. Do you wish to find people who love to write articles about walking? Or do you want to meet people who keep their good health through walking every day? Starting a blog about walking can help you connect with them – people from around the globe who love walking! That’s what I do; I want to connect with people who make a decent living through different freelance jobs online, that’s why my niche is making money online.
  6. To make a difference. Well, I love to read blogs, and you know, there are times that I want more detailed post about something they are talking about – especially topic I love reading and writing. And I also found out that the web are full of plagiarized and poor materials that deceived search engines at times, that’s why I started blogging to make a difference. I always express quality!
  7. To connect with my friends. Blogging is a great tool to connect with my friends. I have started a blog before on a free blogging platform and I invited some of my friends to join me. They created their accounts in my blog though that blog did not last long. But really, some people built blogs to reunite their circle of friends.
  8. To have fun and express my creativity. I am a creative person and this creativity pushes me to start a self-hosted blog as a platform to showcase my talent to my audience. You know, along the way, I have so much fun with my blogging career.
  9. To make money online. Not the least, almost all bloggers out there build their own blog to make money blogging. This is a famous topic on the web today. Many people left their nice career offline to start a blog. One good example is Darren Rowse of – he left his career to blog for a living. Is he successful? Very successful!

These are the nine reasons why I started blogging a year ago. Do you have your own blog? Are you planning to blog by 2014? What’s your purpose for blogging? Are you an expert of something and do you want to write posts about it to become a helping hand to other people? Whatever your reason for blogging – one sure thing is – monetization!

Whatever niches your want to build online; you can monetize it with several legit programs that are one of the sources of living by various successful bloggers! It’s a perfect time to choose your blogging platform today!

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

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