Nightly Tips for Better Home Security

Do you sleep comfortably at night?  Or do you sometimes wake up at the slightest rattle outside?  I used to sleep so lightly that falling branches roused me from my sleep.  It’s not about sleep disorders but my anxiety that someone might try to intrude our home.  We had a few break in before and having another one is a risk.  However, there are some basic home security tips that you can do just to make sure your home is safer.

Secure your front gate

If you haven’t secured your front gate, now is the time to do so.  This is also applicable to your garage door if you have one.  Remember that there are important and valuable items here.  Burglars do not have to enter your bedroom to get something valuable.  There are lots all around your home.

Lock the doors before going to bed

This may sound so obvious but it pays to regularly check the door if it’s locked – especially if you’re about to sleep.  Locked doors are harder to open!  But here’s the clincher, you don’t just check the main door, you have to check all doors that an intruder may use.

Shut the windows and lock them

It’s also a good idea to check windows if they are shut and locked properly.  Hinges should also be secured as well as the actual window.  Any breaks should be covered up before you go to bed.

Check the alarm system if you have any

If you have a home security system, it is important to arm it before you go to bed.  Moreover, if there are any devices the run on batteries, make sure they are working.  For those devices that have to be plugged to a socket, make sure they are inserted properly.

Every night I make it a point to run through my home security list.  This ensures that all possible entry points are secured and that we can be safe throughout the night.  At first, this can be a chore to do, but when you get into the habit of ensuring everyone’s safety, it will become second nature.  When your family’s safety is on the line, you can ever take any chances.

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