Nightlife In Istanbul -Taksim: Places Reviews


Are you planning to give some of your vacation times to go and spend it in Istanbul and near to its heart “Taksim”? Then this article is exactly what you will be needing to find out the good nightlife places to visit and enjoy your times alone,with friends or with family.
Below I will be mentioning some of the good night clubs and restaurants that are near and in Taksim square.

Source: Hakan Sarıtaş
Source: Hakan Sarıtaş

For Calm Times Spending Lovers

If you’re looking for a calming place to hear live jazz music then Babylon could be the best for you, it’s also pretty famous and very close to Galatasaray lisesi (a high school called Galatasaray) it also has reasonable prices, I never personally have visited it before but I hear all people talking about it and most tourists visit it so why not give it a try?

Restaurants: Belly Dancing Shows

Are you looking for restaurants or clubs that contain eastern styles and belly dancers? Then try the following:

Arabesque: very close to taksim square, it’s amazingly nice decorated and well designed, it’s design alone will blow your mind!! It has about three belly dancers and it’s such a great place for a good night out! The show starts around 9:30 pm and ends around 11:30, the staff are also helpful and kind!

Sultanas: this is very famous for most foreign visitors, it also has a traditional belly dancing show and some other traditional shows, the show starts the same as that of Arabesque, its design is not that much impressive as that of Arabesque though and this is my opinion, you might have a different opinion if you try both out but Arabesque is definitely more beautiful in design and decoration! Arabesque took my breath away when I first personally visited it!!

Kervansaray: is very close to sultanas they’re both basically landing and are located on the same street so ( cumhuriyet caddesi) Kervansaray has about three dancers and their show starts the same as the restaurants mentioned above.

Istanbul inn: another restaurant which concentrates on traditional belly dancing shows, it has 2 near branches one exactly near taksim square and another near Kervansaray but on the opposite street.

Source: Daniel José Montoya- - Common rights.
Source: Daniel José Montoya- – Common rights.



Most clubs in and near Taksim generally put songs from many languages such as: Turkish of course, Spanish, Arabic,English,Albanian,French, Russian and sometimes Farsi.
Let’s mention some of them:

Kiss and fly: right in Istiklal street, it has dancers that dance on poles and they host their visitors with nuts,alcohol drinks,fruits and popcorn(the same goes for the rest clubs)

Club 2010: it’s pretty small and not very famous but it’s cozy and can be fun.

Dali plus: that’s a huge nightclub with plenty of dancers of all types including belly dancing! You will enjoy your times there so much! I really recommend you give it a night there and I’m sure after this night you will be always coming back to this place!! It’s so much entertaining!

Cazibe: (pronounced as jazibeh) because the c in Turkish is pronounced as j if you don’t have an idea about this, this is also a cozy place for those who won’t like to spend much for an entertaining night, it’s located in a street called balo, this street is right next to Istiklal street, this place has also dancers and it’s entertaining.

Fora: I haven’t personally spent a night there to be honest but I have a friend who works there and he tells me it’s pretty enjoyable, this is located in Istiklal street and it’s similar to kiss and fly and Cazibe I guess.


In general, you can find plenty of night clubs especially those ones located in Istiklal caddesi and most of them are close to each other by their music style and the decoration, you have to be careful sometimes though, some places would just try to steal your money by giving you a an unexpected bill so be careful on that!


These are the places for now, I hope you liked this article.

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  1. Thank you for the information here. I really wanted to go to Turkey. I love the “old and ancient” places. and do you know that we can go there?

    • umm Can you please be more specific in your question? Like what do you mean by ” can we go there” Is this related to visa works? The place’s security? Expenses?…..? 😀

        • What’s your nationality? Turkey is one of those countries that accepts tourists from the biggest number of countries ever so I’d be really shocked to know that you should get a visa prior to traveling…


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