New Music: Will We Ever Run Out Of It?

New Music

This is a subject that I think not a lot of people might consider or wonder about but it is definitely worth knowing.

It has been calculated how much music itunes alone has, which is about 28 million different songs and other sites like and gracenote have more than 150 million songs combined, imagine how much time it would take you if you decide to put the songs contained in these sites in a big giant playlist and listen to them, more than 24 hundred years.

A guy who runs a Youtube Channel known as Michael, explained with details how new music and notes would be done and how many possible notes and new melodies can be produced, check out his interesting video down here!


Summary Of What Michael Said

Michael put into consideration that notes can be finite and that there is a finite number of notes that our ears can distinguish that’s why he came to the question of ” Will we ever run out of new music?”

He asked that if we really think that we will never run out of music then why are there many songs with similar or even the same exact melodies? If we have the capability of getting more possibilities of new combinations between beats and notes?

Good examples would be:

– Twinkle twinkle little star,the Alphabet song and the baa baa black sheep song. ( All the same melody)

– My country tis of thee and God save the queen ( Are the same song)

He mentioned some other examples too and he also talked about songs that have the similar music and melody, examples:

-Sublime: What I got and The beatles: Lady madonna.

-Fun: Some nights and Simon and Garfunkel: Cecilia.

Michael in the end thinks that we might run out of new music but since our brains always choose specific and certain patterns of music then we might always still be enjoying what we listen to even if two songs had the same music for example.

Click the video to watch more about detailed explanations and calculations.


Some People’s Interesting Comments

We all get interested about knowing what others think of a specific post or video or whatever related, so I’ll mention some of the comments that caught my eye.

-Fok Dreknek:

We’ve been running out of music since the early 90’s (1992)…All we have now is shit for the ”masses”.

Do you think that’s true? I do personally believe that we can always find good music no matter when or how or where.

-Richard Wildman:

I’ve often wondered about this issue. I, too, have often thought those touting answers have come about them from the wrong angle. In this case, it is good to see multiple angles considered.

I’m glad to know that there are actually people who might wonder about this, yes well it’s interesting.

-Emilia Buckstrom:

Why can’t you just do a short video just telling us yes or no

Umm well, she has a point in that haha I cannot disagree but Michael was just trying to add some supporters and explanations to his topic so I don’t think that’s wrong.


…and all of these calculations assume that a song consists only of one melody. Not considering different time signatures, rhythms, chords, harmonies, instruments, effects and combinations of melodies! All of this can make a song appear in a different light, although the main melody might not differ much from another song. We WON’T run out of music.

He/she actually has a point?

What about you? What do you think? tell us your opinion in the comment box down here and don’t hesitate to check out more interesting topics that are linked down here! Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “New Music: Will We Ever Run Out Of It?”

  1. I heard something about Pitbull and that sort of artists are ruining the music with their non-stopable remixes.

    • Yeah tell me about that :/ I don’t like it when artists over-react with the remixes thing, instead of making the song better they would just make it worse..

  2. well people have preferences…

    some rhythm specifically for children are repetitious because of easy mastery.

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