New Modus in Call Center Companies


Just last night, I read an article about a person who was victimized while she was applying for a job in a call center company.  It is such a shame that you are trying hard to get a job in a decent way while some people would rather steal from you to get an easy buck rather than look for a demeaning work.

I would like to share this to you because it may not just happen to applicants seeking for a job, it can also happen anywhere as long as it is a public place and there is a lot of people in it.

The victim was applying for a job.  While waiting for her to be called, a lady sat beside her that looked like an applicant as well.  When the victim was called, she did not pass the interview screening not because she was not qualified but because the victim wanted a different job, not the one that is being offered to her.

When the victim got out from the room, the lady asked her if she got in.  That is when the conversation between the victim and the suspect started.  For some reasons, the suspect had a chance to peek on the victim’s resume because the suspect asked if the victim is from this particular province.  When the victim replied yes, the suspect will pretend that she knows the place or is also near in that province.

When the suspect feels that she was able to get the trust of the victim, she will not let her out of her sight.  When the victim stood up, the suspect asked where is she going.  The victim said that she will eat because she was hungry.  Automatically, the suspect will say that she wants to join her since she is hungry too.

In a fast food restaurant, the suspect will share her working experience and she will suggest that they should apply together.  If the victim agreed, she will ask the victim’s number.

After a few minutes, the victim received a text message from the Recruitment Office of the company she applied for saying that they have an opening for the position that she wanted.  She needs to go back to the office at 5PM but needs to wear casual attire.

The victim now shared this information to the suspect and the suspect will say she received the same message.  The suspect will convince the victim to just buy clothes from the bazaar since there is no time to go home and to change clothes.  When the victim is busy fitting the clothes, that is the time the suspect will get her purse without being noticed.

You see how the suspect exerted a lot of effort to be able to steal to this helpless woman who is just in need of a job? I hope they will just use this in doing good or use it to earn in a decent manner rather than tricking innocent people.

Moral of the story, never, ever trust anyone right away.  If you need to talk to them, then talk to them but never share any information about.  Never leave your belongings out of your sight.  If you can, dismiss the person right away.  Tell him or her that you need to go or you will meet your friends who are waiting for you outside.

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3 thoughts on “New Modus in Call Center Companies”

  1. These days, it is very hard to trust just anybody. Be careful, right, when you said that do not let your things out of sight because so many evils are lurking anywhere.

    • I so agree. This time, we shouldn’t be concern if people (especially strangers) will get offended if we clutch our bags tightly.

  2. that is a lot of effort for some cash. i guess that is how hard it is nowadays. Modus like these prey on people who are willlng to trust others. That makes it more difficult for people to trust others. Better be safe than sorry.


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